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Nicetown and Tioga Greening Plan

tioga hope garden

Creating Green Space

PHS uses gardening and landscaping to clean, green, and maintain vacant lots.  Known as PHS Philadelphia LandCare, our team replaces waste with grass, trees, and plants in 13,000 lots to develop green spaces in urban areas.   

With support from the City of Philadelphia, PHS partners with a network of contractors and community groups to turn vacant lots into positive public green spaces. These spaces create lasting benefits including decreased gun violence and improved mental health.   

The community groups Nicetown CDC and Tioga United are two core partners with PHS Philadelphia LandCare.  

Fast Facts:

  • Lots in the Landcare program are maintained from April through October.
  • In the Nicetown and Tioga neighborhoods, there are currently 629 lots that are maintained -- 325 are stabilized lots within the Philadelphia LandCare Program and the remaining 304 are maintained unstabilized lots.
  • 344 lots were added since Spring 2021, 80 of which were stabilized in the Philadelphia LandCare Program.
  • By the end of the project, PHS aims to stabilize 750 vacant lots in the neighborhoods. 

Learn more about how to recommend a site for PHS Philadelphia Landcare at the link below.

Click here to view the map in a separate tab.

Interested in how PHS is cleaning vacant lots across the region? Learn more about our LandCare program.