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Explore programs that create healthy, livable environments and increase access to fresh food.
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Access to fresh food, creating healthy neighborhoods, and growing economic opportunities and social connections are all a part of PHS's work. These impact goals come together in a commitment to gardening for the greater good. We invite you to become a part of a team dedicated to transforming lives in the Greater Philadelphia region. At PHS, we are looking for employees that diversify our views on effective gardening solutions and expand our outreach.

Living Our Values

Each day a wide range of PHS staff come together for a common purpose: to make a difference in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. How we approach our work speaks to our connection to each other and engagement outside our offices. The PHS Values shape how we work. Living these values will ensure a healthy organization that delivers the greatest effect.


PHS makes effective activities a priority. We embrace opportunities to innovate by seeking new knowledge. We then share that knowledge with fellow partners and our community.


PHS welcomes everyone inspired by our work to join the team as an employee, member, volunteer, or supporter. PHS is committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization.


PHS treats all employees, members, volunteers, and supporters with respect. We create a people-centered environment that responds to the needs of all.


PHS manages work with a focus on maximizing sustainability. PHS reduces negative impacts on other team members and the environment.


PHS ensures long-term stability by creating financial resources and opportunities to reduce costs. PHS generates revenue while maintaining the highest quality and impact.


PHS builds its staff and volunteers by using collaborative decision-making to create community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PHS believes that gardening and horticulture belong to everyone. PHS works to create an environment where all voices are respected, and we are always open to thoughtful dialogue and criticism in our effort to use horticulture to effect social change. PHS actively works to create a community of staff, volunteers, board members, and vendors that reflect the city of Philadelphia. We recognize that reaching true equity in our communities requires ongoing effort, and in this regard, we commit to evolution and growth.