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Nicetown and Tioga Greening Plan

rowan community garden

Community Garden Hubs

In Nicetown and Tioga, residents face challenges in accessing fresh and healthy food due to racially discriminatory policies and systematic disinvestment. With over 40% of neighborhood residents living below the federal poverty rate, hunger rates are among the highest in the city. To address these issues, PHS is conducting outreach and offering informational sessions on establishing and sustaining community gardens.

Collaborating with the Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT), we aim to secure stable land tenure for existing gardens and identify potential locations for new community gardens. Our services include providing training, tools, and support to neighborhood residents and garden leaders, enabling effective community creation and management. By becoming a part of the PHS community gardens program, you'll gain access to resources such as our tool library, material and supply support, volunteer workdays, and technical assistance.

Tioga Hope Park and Garden

Location: 2000 W Tioga St
Garden Leaders: Carolyn Booker, Pela McFee, Estelle Vaughn  

tioga hope

Furtick Farms

Location: 4300 Germantown Ave behind Nicetown CDC
Garden Leaders: Jenia Jolley, Wanda Brell, Jessica Johnson


Jannatain Garden

Location: 1522 Rowan St
Garden Leaders: Safiyah Abdu Latif, Kim Pedro Rodriguez


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