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Visit a PHS garden or landscape to help build stronger social connections with your community.
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Explore programs that create healthy, livable environments and increase access to fresh food.
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The Flower Show

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society uses horticulture to advance the health and well-being of the Greater Philadelphia region.

PHS uses horticulture to increase four building blocks of health and well-being: access to fresh food, healthy living environments, deep social connections, and economic opportunities. We are a diverse community of people and organizations who believe in the power of horticulture to make positive social and environmental change. PHS believes that gardening and horticulture belong to everyone.

  • PHS Tree Tender looking up at newly planted tree in neighborhood

    “It’s a big interest of mine to have more green space in our city and to have more tree cover. What’s cool about trees is there is an immediate impact where suddenly you have something there that wasn’t there before.”

    Michael Roth

    PHS Tree Tender and Principal at Olney Elementary School

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  • Man indoors holding a potted plants among many potted plants

    “If I can just put a glimmer in someone’s eye or make them a little bit more enthusiastic about horticulture and gardening, like the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show did for me, then my job is done.”

    Nakia Maples

    “Philly Plant Guy” in PHS GROW Magazine

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  • “I’m motivated to stay involved with PHS because of the multifaceted ways that PHS engages with people in the city by bringing people together to find beauty through horticulture. I give to PHS because it’s my investment in the things I care about.”

    Julia Fisher

    PHS Member

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Have a question about a PHS class? Looking to identify a new plant in your garden? Visit AskPHS, our forum for your plant and gardening questions.