2021-FS_Photography Class_Neel Parikh

The Artistic Classes are the perfect place for individuals to put their artistic skill and talent on display. In the Artistic Classes, exhibitors compete for a coveted blue ribbon in entry categories in Floral Design, Botanical Jewelry, Photography, and Pressed Plants. Show off your skills with the perfect blend of art and gardening. Details will be posted on this page when they become available. Begin planning your entry today!  

Photography Classes 

Class guidelines, including rules and submission guidelines, will be posted on this page beginning January 15, and entries will be accepted beginning February 1, 2022. Take photos now to enter in February!  

Explore the photo class options below by clicking  +  to expand for descriptions.

A macro or closeup image of a colorful flower or flowers in full bloom; color photograph.

An image of a rural or country street, road, or highway in which leading lines dominate. Image must include plant material; color photograph. 

An intimate scene in the forest or woods that stimulates emotions and captures the mood and healing power of being alone with your senses; color photograph. 

A still life photograph of a collection of inanimate gardening objects. The objects are photographed in the setting in which they are found and do not appear to have been moved by the photographer; black & white photograph. 

A diptych of fruits and vegetables. The print has two images placed next to each other – one image of fresh fruit(s) and one image of fresh vegetable(s); color photograph. 

A colorful landscape that includes an inspiring and brilliant sunrise or sunset. Image must include plant material; color photograph. 

An image using creative techniques that exemplifies a passion in your life. Image must include plant material and may not include people or pets; color photograph. 

An image of a garden that features a riot of color, textures, variety of plants, and interesting elements; color photograph. 

For more information, contact the Competitive Classes Team.