Flower Show Sustainability Efforts

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2022 Philadelphia Flower Show Sustainability Efforts 

We need YOUR help to make this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show a Green Event!

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is the nation’s largest horticultural event. For the second year in a row (and only the 2nd time being held outdoors in the Show’s 194-year history), the Show will be held in FDR Park – a designated historic landmark for the South Philadelphia Community. The park has various playgrounds and recreational fields, along with a skate park, which allows the area to be enjoyed by many. Here at PHS, we recognize the importance of protecting the authenticity of the park and are committed to leaving a positive impact.  

To demonstrate PHS’s commitment to environmental sustainability, support of healthy neighborhoods, and dedication to accessible horticulture in the Greater Philadelphia region, we have continued the outstanding efforts of the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show Green Team to work towards a “zero waste” event. The Green Team will focus on waste diversion, sustainable disposal activities, and resource conservation at this year’s show.  

Find out more about how PHS, vendors, and exhibitors are striving to make the 2022 Flower Show more environmentally sustainable and how you can support these efforts. 

Learn more about how we surpassed our zero waste goal at the 2021 Flower Show.


What can you do leading up to/at the Show?



Biking, walking, and public transportation are great alternatives to driving and they reduce the carbon footprint of the Show. There are various bike racks located throughout the venue for safe bike storage. 


When staying in a hotel, consider asking the housecleaning staff not to change the sheets and towels with each cleaning service. 

Support Local Businesses

When visiting Philadelphia, consider supporting local businesses, such as the PHS Pop Up Gardens, which provide an array of locally sourced produce, spirits, and beers. 

What is PHS doing?


Green Team Members 

The Green Team plays a pivotal role in helping PHS execute sustainability and waste diversion goals. Around the show floor and behind the scenes, the Green Team will ensure that materials are being composted, recycled, reused, and repurposed. The Green Team can be identified by green ribbons, which will be attached to their volunteer buttons. 


Recycling opportunities for bottles, cans, and plastic cups/bowls/jars will be available to all guests at waste hot zones such as our eateries, as well as at the entrances and exits. We are also committed to recycling hardscape, wooden pallets, cardboard, and shrink wrap throughout the Show, including setup and teardown. 

Donation Partners

At the conclusion of the event, donation partners will be gifted Show materials, which can be reused in local community gardens, school grounds, and other public areas. 

Go Digital

General Show information and tickets will be distributed digitally to reduce paper consumption. 

What are vendors and exhibitors doing?

Food & Beverage

Show vendors will provide cups, bowls, jars, bottles, and cans that are 100% recyclable. This ensures that recycling facilities can efficiently melt down plastic for reuse. Additionally, all cooking oil will be recycled to produce biodiesel, a renewable energy source. 


With assistance from the Recycling Leads, Show vendors will follow responsible recycling practices.


During Show setup, exhibitors will compost any damaged or unusable plant material, such as wood scraps, wilted flowers, and brush. During the Show, food and beverage vendors will compost all food scraps produced in kitchen spaces, which ensures that minimal organic waste goes to the landfill, ultimately reducing methane emissions and the need for chemical fertilizers.