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Gardens To Visit
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Visit a PHS garden or landscape to help build stronger social connections with your community.
For Neighborhoods
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Explore programs that create healthy, livable environments and increase access to fresh food.
For Gardeners
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Engage with PHS on gardening, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.
About Us
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Get to know our story, become a part of our staff, or see what is in the news with PHS.
The Flower Show

Wednesday, March 6 

Public Show Hours: 10 am – 8 pm / Members-only Hours: 9 – 10 am  

*Some activities require a separate ticket. Purchase early to secure your space: tickets.phsonline.org

  • 8 am – 10 am: Early Morning Tours, Early Morning Photography Tours 
  • 8 am – 10 am: Behind the Blooms Tours 
  • 9 am – 7 pm: Artisan Row Open 
  • 9 am – 7 pm: Bloom Bar and Bloom Bar Cart Open 
  • 9 am – 7 pm: Butterflies Live! Open 
  • 9 am – 8 pm: Marketplace, Makers Market, PHS Shop 
  • 10 am – 7 pm: Kids Cocoon Open 
  • 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm: Potting Parties 

Kids Cocoon Programming:  

Know to Grow Education Sessions: 

Members’ Lounge: 

Sponsor Events: 

  • 11 am – 7 pm: Visit the Hendrick’s Gin Botanical Garden Bar! Enjoy refreshing @HendricksGin cocktails and try the NEW Hendrick’s Flora Adora – a limited-release buzzing with the enticing aroma of enchanting Scottish wildflowers!
  • 2 pm – 6 pm: Ketel One Botanical Sampling (Marketplace S102) 
  • 2 pm – 6 pm: Don Julio Sampling (Marketplace S120)