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The Flower Show

Member Appreciation Day

A man and woman both holding plants at a PHS plant sale.

Thank you for being a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society member! Your membership support helps PHS use horticulture to strengthen the region: planting trees, supporting community gardens, cleaning and greening vacant lots, and so much more. 

We hope you enjoy this selection of 30 bulbs planted by PHS in Logan Square and selected by famed Dutch bulb purveyor, Jack DeVroomen. It is a mix of orange and salmon tulips; a pale-yellow daffodil, ‘Martinette’ with an orange cup; the tall purple orb-like flowers of the flowering onion, ‘Purple Sensation’ mixed with sky blue grape hyacinths and the hyacinth ‘Peter Stuyvesant’ for great fragrance. We hope these bulbs spark some joy after the coming winter.  

Planting and Care Instructions for Your Bulbs 

The larger bulbs including the tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and Alliums should be planted 5 - 6 inches deep, and the Muscari can be planted 3 inches deep. The bulbs can be planted 2 - 4 inches apart. Bulb planting can occur from mid-October to mid-December.  Blooming will occur best when planted in parts of the garden where there is full sun, however, planting under the canopy of trees and shrubs that lose their leaves in the winter are good conditions too. The bulbs will start emerging in late March to early April for a full display in April or May depending on spring temperatures. 

About Logan Square 

You can learn more about Logan Square by visiting the garden’s page and by watching the video below.  

Tulips at Logan