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Workforce Development Programs

It has restored my confidence; the confidence that a young, Black male needs to survive inside of this world...Personally, I needed this opportunity to reteach me the type of man I know I will be in the future.

Jabriel Sudan, Same Day Work & Pay Participant

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Work Today, Get Paid Today

In 2020, in response to the economic effects of the pandemic, PHS expanded its workforce development activities by launching the newly-named “Same Day Work and Pay” program with funding from the City of Philadelphia. 

Through this program, PHS partners with community organizations to employ under- and unemployed Philadelphians to perform daily work assignments such as clearing vacant lots, cleaning street corridors, and completing other community improvement tasks. Participants receive $100 per day, and are paid on-site where they can also connect with social services support.  

Program Results 

As of August 2022:

  • 4,937 daily jobs created!
  • 630 people interacted with the program at least one time
  • 105 participants moved on to full-time jobs from their involvement in the program
  • 196 youth jobs created
  • 50 youth interacted with the program at least one time

Our communities become cleaner, greener, and more welcoming following a program workday!

Same Day Work & Pay Program

Interested in Participating for a Day?

Fill in your contact information in the form on the right of this page to be connected to the community organization/s with upcoming workdays. The community organization will work with you to confirm your commitment.

Please note: Same Day Work & Pay assignments are not PHS positions, and therefore participants are not required to be vaccinated. All participants should follow the health protocols for the location/s where assigned, including wearing masks as needed.

Community Organization City Council District Location Contact Person



West Philadelphia

Matthew LaFronz   

The Charles Foundation


(Mill Creek) West Philadelphia

Movita' Johnson-Harrell, MSW 

Giving of Self Partnership


Germantown / East Oak Lane

Cynthia E. Sims 

Institute for the Development of African American Youth, Inc


Southwest Philadelphia

Gregory Thompson / Carole Simmons

Nicetown Community Development Corporation (CDC)


Nicetown / Germantown

Majeedah Rashid

One Day at a Time, Inc (ODAAT)


North Philadelphia

Mel Wells / Latasha Wells 

Tioga United


Upper North Philadelphia

Terrell Brown

Hear What Neighbors Say!

“I would like to thank the Nicetown CDC for helping us clean up our block. Our block is primarily senior citizens, so the large pieces of debris we had trouble removing ourselves, but the Same Day Work and Pay participants were very helpful, and we appreciate you all. This is a very good program, and we all hope that you continue the program throughout the summer.” 
— Derrick Joshua, Block Captain, Wayne Avenue 

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