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The Flower Show

PHS Pop Up Garden at South Street


What's Blooming

PHS Horticulturists bring their extensive experience in creating dynamic, seasonally interesting public gardens to a more tailored and intimate experience for each of our Pop Up Garden. One PHS Pop Up Garden highlight is the plants themselves. Both in-ground planting beds and containers throughout the garden serve to inspire visitors with a creative mix of shrubs, perennials, spring-blooming bulbs, annuals and tropicals. Explore a sampling of what is currently planted in our garden below.

Primula veris

Commonly known as Cowslip, this pollinator plant is native to Europe and Western Asia. 

gulden sleutelbloem primula veris 1

Chionanthus virginicus

Another PHS Gold Medal Plant, this plant is commonly called the Fringe Tree and is native to the Eastern United States. You can find these trees in the containers outside the front entrance to the Pop Up Garden.

Chionanthus virginicus pug


Commonly known as Foxglove, this plant is native to Europe and Western Asia. 

foxglove pug

Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Native to China and Japan, these vines can be seen on the western brick wall climbing next to the Cascade hops.

clematis pug


Commonly known as the smokebush, this plant is native to Europe and Western Asia. 

cotinus pug

Platycerium bifurcatum var. lanciferum

Commonly known as the Staghorn fern, this plant is native to Southeast Asia and is typically found to grow on tree trunks or branches, mounted in the cabanas in the back of the garden.

staghorn fern pug

Sedum morganianum

Commonly known as Burro's Tail, this plant is native to southeastern Mexico and Honduras, currently hanging over the main bar.

sedum morganianum pug