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Edible Gardening: Part One

April 14, 2020

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gt sally smoothie greens still

By Sally McCabe
PHS Associate Director, Community Education

Sally’s Green Smoothie

Nothing is better than a smoothie made with greens straight from your own garden. Here, I’m selecting chickweed, mustard, spinach, and lettuce from my garden. I chose these because they came up all on their own from last year and are consistently great. I have also added dandelion and garlic mustard greens from the yard. Since I am gathering them from the yard, I have to make sure I double- or triple-rinse them, and also make sure I pick out the pine needles — they don’t blend well, and get stuck in your teeth!

My smoothie recipe:

  • Large handful of greens
  • One cup of apple juice (you can also use water, but you get a thinner, less flavorful drink)
  • One banana (I bought these when we were still going to the market. As they started to get soft, I put them in the freezer. I pull one out and let it thaw a little before putting it in the blender). Other fruits give different colors, but I prefer greens to look green. They make me feel righteous that I’m getting my vegetables!
  • Some source of protein — I use yogurt, nuts, chia seeds, sprouts or whatever I have on hand
  • Blend until you can no longer recognize any of the flecks, then a little longer. Otherwise, you will need to drink your smoothie through your teeth.
  • Enjoy!

Edible Gardening: Part One

Edible Gardening Series: Sally's Green Smoothie

Nothing is better than a smoothie made with greens straight from your own garden. See what Sally has grown in her garden to get her daily vegetables.

Edible Gardening is a four part series! Read on to the second post on making seed tape.