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Edible Gardening: Part Two

April 15, 2020

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cassidy seed tape

By Cassidy Cabrera
PHS Garden Resource Specialist

Making Seed Tape

Making seed tape is an easy, hands-on activity that can inspire kids to take charge in the garden. To make seed tape, you'll need paper (recycled newspaper or paper towels work great!), seeds, equal parts flour and water, and a ruler.

Measure how far apart your seeds should be and paste the seeds onto long strips of paper. When it’s time to plant outdoors, the seed tape gets tucked away into the soil for perfectly spaced flowers and veggies!


  • Have your young gardeners work with beans, carrots, radishes, or any seeds that need only two (2) to three (3) inches of spacing.
  • Make it a math exercise: if the seeds only need two (2) inches of space, your kids can practice counting by two (2), multiplying by two (2), and making groups of ten (10), etc.
  • You can make seed tape year-round. Just make sure to leave a little room on your paper to fold over and cover your seeds. Store your seed tape in a sealed container or jar until it’s ready for planting.

Edible Gardening: Part Two

Edible Gardening Series: Making Seed Tape

Cassidy teaches how to construct seed tape - an easy activity for parents and children that enhances the growth of your plants.

Edible Gardening is a four part series! Read on to the third post on managing backyard chickens.