Exhibitor Information for the 2022 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, “In Full Bloom”

May 04, 2022

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This year’s Flower Show to feature 40 major exhibitors of diverse backgrounds and experiences, with more female  exhibitors than ever before! 

May 4, 2022 - PHILADELPHIA, PA- The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has shared its list of exhibitors for the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show, “In Full Bloom.” This year, visitors can anticipate seeing the works of extraordinary landscape architects, garden designers, and florists. The roster of designers will be larger than previous years, with 40 major exhibitors creating forward-thinking and progressive designs for large-scale gardens between 900 – 2,500 square feet. 

For more about the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show, "In Full Bloom," please visit phsonline.org/the-flower-show.

This year’s Show features an eclectic mix of award-winning, world-class designers, including more female-led firms designing major exhibits than ever before, creating half of the spectacular, show-stopping gardens that the Show is known for. The Flower Show will shed light on the incredible achievements of women in the field of landscape and garden design with stunning and thought-provoking displays that explore the restorative power of nature and plants as well as the importance of mental and emotional health that contribute to a person also being “in full bloom.” 

In addition to the major exhibit gardens, dozens of smaller garden spaces ranging in size from 254 – 899 square feet will also be on display. These smaller experiences feature educational gardens and the Flower Show competitive classes, where amateur gardeners and plant societies are invited to create themed gardens that serve to inspire all visitors to explore the world of horticulture and get their hands dirty. Additionally, these gardens provide exciting new ideas and inspiration for those gardening in small spaces and demonstrate the amazing potential of even a small space to serve as a beautiful garden respite. 

“Every year, we try to find designers, builders, thinkers, and garden makers who we think will explore and present some aspect of the theme in an exciting, thought-provoking and lively way. We want designers who are firmly rooted in horticulture and great plant design but who are also thinking about culture at large and how these designs relate to those issues. We want guests to be moved and delighted and to be changed, in some small way, by these gardens and the ideas behind them,” said Seth Pearsoll, PHS Director of Design.  

For a full list of current exhibitors expected at the 2022 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, see below!

Among the many exceptional exhibitors on the roster is renowned landscape architect Martha Schwartz, a Forbes 2021 “50 Over 50” recipient who will debut an 1,800-square foot display depicting the beauty of the mushroom. The garden will center around an eye-catching, oversized giant flower sculpture made from mushrooms.  

This exhibit will explore the resiliency of mushroom species which -- unlike most flowers -- tend to thrive in damp, cold, and dark conditions and play a vital role for all living things through recycling dead organic matter and giving us the life-saving medicine penicillin.  

Wambui Ippolito, the noted landscape designer and one of Veranda magazine’s 2021 “Eleven Revolutionary Female Landscape Designers and Architects You Should Know,” will return to this year’s event to defend her 2021 Flower Show trophy for “Best in Show” with another showstopping display. This year, her garden features a spiraling structure, rimmed with colorful florals, and centered with a reflection pool to allow space for peaceful meditation. 

The celebrated designer Jennifer Designs believes floral design and all forms of art should be immersive, emotive, and fun! Incorporating all forms of art, her exhibits create whimsy in floral form. Visitors will be transported to a floral dance club called “The Bloom Room,” featuring sound wave elements, a live DJ taking residency inside a DJ booth constructed of swirling florals, and a dance floor to inspire guests to dance and experience the impact of movement on our well-being. This exhibit will feature an array of native plant species as well as orchids, succulents, moss, ferns, fresh cut florals and foliage, as well as dried floral elements using Amaranthus, strawflower, baby’s breath, limonium, and palms. 

Polycarp Flowers is designing an exhibit that explores good health and positive well-being, through crafting elaborate, vibrant floral hairstyles. This exhibit, “What’s on Your Mind,” invites viewers to reflect on their state of mind by creating oversized facial silhouettes, topped with floral afros, whose colors will represent different mental states. 

Philadelphia-based David Rubin Land Collective, a landscape architecture and urban design studio committed to emphasizing socially purposeful design strategies, will celebrate authenticity and Pride Month in their exhibit. Reminiscent of an embrace, the display will encircle a central space with a full spectrum of colorful, hand-dyed ribbons to create a floating, kinetic volume overhead. Encircling a crop of xGordlinia grandiflora trees and tiered seating, guests can enjoy a moment of respite with a topographically undulating field of grasses and cool-hued forbs designed to embrace visitors in an extraordinary experience of collective thoughtfulness. 

Nature’s Gallery Florist, known for merging the timeless techniques of Ikebana design with new, eco-friendly approaches to floral design, will create an elaborate floral tunnel where guests can walk through and experience first-hand the mental and physical health benefits that plants can have on our bodies and minds. The tunnel will feature vibrant colors and an array of floral selections including orchids, crapsedia, and allium. Plants commonly used in aromatherapy practices such as lavender and eucalyptus will surround guests for an aromatic and beautiful journey. On the exterior, guests will find a gorgeous table setting with lush floral centerpieces and accent pieces, bringing gatherings front of mind, and shifting the emotive quality of the exhibit from self-reflective and individual to communal and celebratory. This transition is reminiscent of our societal journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, moving from isolation to togetherness once again.  

Apiary Studio, a landscape architecture and experimental horticulture firm, is known for their unconventional building materials, adaptive reuse of urban decay, and unusual selections of hardy plants to create dynamic gardens. Their exhibit will take inspiration from an unused industrial setting, where plants are starting to overtake and return the space back to a wild state. At the focal center will be an old water tower, which will offer a familiar urban silhouette and stand tall over the wild gardens surrounding it. This exhibit will demonstrate gravel gardening techniques, as well as a number of plantings at the height of their late Spring display, such as: Crambe maritima, Linaria purpurea, Glaucium flavum, and Euphorbia characias. 

2022 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show Major Exhibitors: 

  • AARP 

  • Ambler Arboretum of Temple University 

  • American Institute of Floral Designers 

  • America’s Garden Capital 

  • Ann Marie Powell Gardens 

  • Apiary Studio 

  • Arrange, Floral and Event Design 

  • Auburn University Landscape Architecture Program with Conquer the Soil 

  • Bartlett Tree Experts 

  • Belgard 

  • Bok Collective 

  • CBEST: Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stewardship, Villanova University 

  • DAVID RUBIN Land Collective 

  • Delaware Valley University, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science 

  • Fairmount Park Conservancy 

  • Fête Urbane 

  • Fresh Artists 

  • From Blossoms 

  • Green Mountain Energy 

  • Ikebana International, Philadelphia chapter #71 

  • Irwin Landscaping Inc. 

  • Jacques Amand LLC 

  • Jennifer Designs 

  • Lakeside School Greenhouse 

  • Laurel Brook Gardens 

  • Ledden Palimeno 

  • Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting LLC 

  • Martha Schwartz Partners 

  • Mercer County Community College Horticulture Program 

  • Nature’s Gallery Florist Inc. 

  • Pennsylvania Bonsai Society 

  • Petit Jardin en Ville 

  • Philadelphia Cactus and Succulent Society 

  • Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators 

  • Polycarp Flowers 

  • Refugia Design 

  • Renee Tucci Creative LLC 

  • Schaffer Designs 

  • STIHL 

  • Streets Dept. 

  • Subaru of America, Inc. 

  • Susan Cohen Gardens 

  • The Men’s Garden Club of Philadelphia 

  • University of Delaware 

  • W.B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences 

  • Wambui Ippolito 

  • Wish Unlimited 

Flower Show Sponsors

The 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show Exclusive Sponsors are Bank of America, Independence Blue Cross, and Subaru of America. Official Sponsors are AARP, ACME Markets, Bartlett Tree Experts, Belgard, Green Mountain Energy, STIHL, Fine Wine & Good Spirits, and Ketel One Botanical. 

Health and Safety Protocol

Public safety is a critical component for the Philadelphia Flower Show, and adherence to recommendations from City/State health officials is paramount to Show planning. PHS will continue to work closely with health officials leading up to the Show with updated guidance available online. 


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The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is the nation's largest, and the world’s longest-running horticultural event and features stunning displays by some of the world’s premier floral and landscape designers.  
Started in 1829 by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the Show introduces diverse and sustainable plant varieties and garden and design concepts. In addition to acres of garden displays, the Flower Show hosts world-renowned competitions in horticulture and artistic floral arranging, gardening presentations and demonstrations, and special events.