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2023 Exhibitors

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Schaffer Designs

Winner of The 2023 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show Silver Trophy, the Society of American Florists Flower Show Award, and the PHS Gold Medal. Schaffer Designs is Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt and their curated team of U.S. and international floral designers. Bill & Kris are diverse floral industry contributors extending into weddings, floral installations, destination events, global educational programs, showroom design, and product development. They are contributors to national and international floral design publications and are the authors of Taking the Flower Show Home. Bill and Kris are cutting-edge creators of "floral-sharing" opportunities through their multiple, award-winning "Best-in-Show" exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show and numerous commissioned floral art exhibits. Schaffer Designs combines their creative vision and technical skills to break out of age-old flower stereotypes to bring exquisite and unexpected floral creations that infuse the public's view of flowers with new energy. Bill and Kris were married at The Philadelphia Flower Show in 2012. They are both Accredited Members of the American Institute of Floral Designers and are both Certified Members of Professional Floral Communicators International. They now spread their love of flowers and floral design worldwide as Floral Fundamental Ambassadors. Schaffer Designs is celebrating its 17th exhibit at The Philadelphia Flower Show's 2023 production of "The Garden Electric."