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New PHS Website Invites Everyone To Get Gardening

April 30, 2020

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PHS has launched its new website at a time when the importance of gardening, green space, and social connection are top of mind throughout the global community and certainly in our region and among our constituents.  

The site, designed by Philadelphia-based web design and development shop, P’unk Avenue, launched in April and offers a host of new features. Gardens to Visit is a snapshot of some of the beautiful gardens managed by PHS and encourages visitors to become volunteers in the care of these treasured spaces. For Neighborhoods is a “one-stop shop” for finding your local community garden, requesting a tree, and transforming vacant land in your neighborhood. Gardening is predictably a big focus for the site and gardeners can find resources such as Ask PHS to learn from the experts, the PHS McLean Library of gardening books and resources, dozens of classes and workshops, and ways to introduce kids to gardening including resources for teachers.   

We want to invite people everywhere and especially the gardening community to share their love of gardening with us and one another and encourage them to support our work by becoming a member, donor, or volunteer.    

PHS’s president, Matt Rader states, “The website offers everyone from the veteran gardener to the ‘plant curious’ ideas, inspiration and ways to have an impact through gardening.”  

The  new  PHS  website  also features:  

  • A photo gallery of great gardening throughout the region  
  • A section devoted to all things Philadelphia Flower Show (and scheduled for a full refresh later this summer)   
  • A user-friendly Events Calendar –with ever-changing ways to connect with others and get more involved  
  • An opportunity to sign up for a FREE subscription to PHS’s award-winning quarterly magazine, GROW  
  • Extensive resources for gardeners through the PHS McLean Library and the AskPHS web-based function  
  • Ongoing stories from PHS’s community of gardeners, our partners in and around Philadelphia, and plant-focused fans   
  • The PHS new video gardening channel, Grow Together, available on the Gardener’s Blog within the site  

The  PHS  mission of strengthening communities is evident throughout the site and encourages visitors to become a member and support the organization’s efforts to increase access to fresh food; create  healthier living environments; build deeper social connections; and grow economic opportunity.  

“Especially as we can’t gather together physically right now due to  COVID-19 regulations on safety, PHS wants to be the go-to resource for gardeners and for anyone who believes in the power of plants and green space and wants to combine those interests to make a difference. This website is our way of welcoming everyone,” says Lisa Stephano, Chief Marketing Officer.