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The Flower Show

What's Blooming at Meadowbrook Farm

August 07, 2020

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Zinnia elegans 'Benary's Giant Orange'

Discover what's blooming around every corner of PHS Meadowbrook Farm. This month, Associate Director Bernard Pettit and Head Gardener Glenn Ashton show us all that the gardens have to offer with five (5) beautiful and exotic plants and unique plant facts.

1. The African Lily

Agapanthus sp.

Apapanthus sp.
The African Lily or Lily of the Nile is a native to South Africa and will boast multiple stems of blue flowers this summer. Though not winter hardy here in Pennsylvania, it can be brought indoors during the winter months.

2. Century Plant

agave americana and Julie Bare

Agave Americana
In its native habitat of Mexico, this agave can grow up to 6. This plant makes a wonderful accent when used in containers with its powdery blue leaves. This plant should be grown in a well-drained medium pot and positioned in any full sun area. Agave Americana is a hardy plant in zones 8b-11.

3. Franklin Tree

franklinia alatamaha

Franklinia alatamaha
The Franklin Tree is a small deciduous tree that grows  15’-20’ tall and wide. One of its best features are white fragrant flowers that bloom in mid to late summer months.   Though extinct in the wild, it is common to find the Franklin Tree in cultivation throughout the US. The tree was named by John Bartram in 1765 to honor Benjamin Franklin. All existing trees derive from the original specimen grown by Bartram from seed collected from the Altamaha River. This plant is hardy in zones 5 – 8.

4. The Mexican Honeysuckle

Justicia spicigera

Justicia spicigera
The Mexican Honeysuckle is a tropical shrub that can reach 3’ in height. It features glossy green leaves and has bright orange tubular flowers that hummingbirds will frequently visit. This plant is hardy in zones 8-11.

5. Benary's Giant Orange

Zinnia elegans 'Benary's Giant Orange'

Zinnia elegans
This beauty is a classic and unrivaled cutting variety of Zinnia that features large double flowers; it grows in full sun where it will reach heights of up to 3’ or more.

See what else is blooming when you visit PHS Meadowbrook Farm this season.