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Tomatoes Have Shoulders and Other PHS Harvest Tips

August 19, 2021

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As part of PHS Harvest, PHS’s collective food growing initiative to combat food insecurity, PHS gardeners have teamed up with the team at Whole Foods Market to present several videos on growing produce, harvesting the items, plus some easy prep and storage tips.

In its second year, PHS Harvest encourages people in the Greater Philadelphia region to become more self-reliant by growing their own food, sharing with others, and donating to make a difference in the fight against food insecurity. PHS Harvest aims to provide education and resources for novice gardeners to get growing, and for experienced gardeners to grow even more and share with those in need.

This month, our focus is on beautiful, multi-purpose tomatoes! 

Harvest 2021: Tomato Tips with Whole Foods Market

Learn about tomato planting, care, and harvesting for a yummy yield this summer!

PHS’s Meadowbrook Farm, a free public garden, is participating in PHS Harvest, turning out hundreds of pounds of produce, including spring crops like lettuce, summer crops like beans, peas, squash, and tomatoes, and fall crops like garlic and onions.  Marta and Abbey from PHS discuss how tomatoes should be planted, grown, maintained, and harvested. Tips include:

  • Getting tomato plants in the ground by the end of May
  • Preventing disease on the plants, including heavy mulch, frequent pruning, and trellising

Tomatoes make up a wonderful food source, with this produce item ranking as one of the most-requested from food banks.  As Kathleen from Whole Foods points out, tomatoes are easy to keep, prepare, and eat. She suggests:

  • Choosing a tomato that yields slightly to pressure
  • Selecting tomatoes that are a bit heavier with juice
  • Storing tomatoes in a cool place after any stems are remove

And who knew tomatoes have shoulders?

From April through late October, PHS Harvest welcomes produce donations to its network of food banks and other community organizations to provide access to fresh, healthy food to those in need. To sign up to grow as an individual gardener, or as part of a growing team, or to donate to the initiative, click the button below to learn more.

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