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The Flower Show

How to Add a Splash of Color to Your Spring Garden with Cool Color Senetti Plants

March 21, 2024

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senetti violet

By Amanda Baez

This post was created with input from our partners at Suntory. 

Start spring with Senetti! Bred by Suntory Flowers in Japan, Senetti is a collection of Pericallis hybrids, which were obtained by cross-breeding members of the Compositae and Asteraceae families. Suntory Flowers offers a number of Senetti® colors for purchase.

Before reclassification, Senetti was known as a cineraria hybrid, but these plants are nothing like seed-grown cineraria grown as a house plant. Their large flowers bloom from early spring until summer, and their bloom count can be as high as 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot! These plants make the perfect addition to any garden due to their beautiful blooms and low maintenance requirements, making them an excellent choice for experienced gardeners and beginners alike. 

couple planting senetti with pansies at the philadelphia flower show
Potting Parties with Senetti at the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show, United by Flowers.

Senetti at the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show 

PHS has been introducing more gardeners to Senetti plants through the Philadelphia Flower Show. This was the second year designer Tu Bloom used them in hands-on potting party workshops, where participants took home a planter mixing Senetti plants with Cool Wave pansies and other components.  

window boxes with ivy
Colorful Senetti featured outside buildings in London.

Senetti in London  

Senetti is also extensively used for commercial plantings in London, where it is often mixed with trailing ivy in window boxes. A prime example of such use is during King Charles' coronation in 2023, when visitors were introduced to a gorgeous array of florals, including Senetti. Several coronation planters featured Suntory Flowers' Senetti® Deep Blue.  

senetti magenta bicolor
Add color to your home with eye catching Senetti houseplants.

Home Care for Senetti 

Are you looking to add temporary color to your environment? You can grow Senetti as a houseplant! They thrive best when placed in indirect sunlight with a regular watering routine. A classic, full-sized Senetti should be grown in a one-gallon pot or larger, whereas a baby Senetti is ideal for a 5-inch pot. However, it is often recommended to have a larger pot on hand to ensure a high flower count. 

senetti magenta biocolor
Senetti plants can add colorful character to any outdoor space.

Key Tips for a Successful Senetti Plant 

  • Senetti requires full sun to partial shade.  
  • Moderately moist soil.  
  • Cut back the passed blooms by removing 50% of the plant's height and then repot into a larger container or landscape area. 
  • Expect another round of Senetti blooms in 3-4 weeks after repotting. 
  • High summer temperatures (85-90°F) will stop the reblooming and may cause the plants to go out of flower. 
senetti blue bicolor 2
Senetti plants can act as great container plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Weather Conditions 

Vibrant Senetti Pericallis plants will tolerate temperatures down to the low 30s. In the South, they are a perfect choice for winter, with plants hitting the market in late January. In the North, the timing is from late March through April. 

senetti outside 001
Decorate your outdoor space with the prominent blooms of Senetti plants.

Best Plant Combinations 

Senetti is best combined in early spring with other cool companion bedding plants such as pansies, bulbs, and other greenery. It can be a great addition to any garden looking to brighten up in color, as it appears in various shades of blue, purple, magenta, pink, and white.  

Embrace Senetti confidently as you welcome these colorful blooms to your garden this spring! For more information and the full assortment of Senetti varieties, visit

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