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The Flower Show

Shop Local: 10 Small Businesses to Support at the 2023 Flower Show

February 16, 2023

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By Anne Lockhart

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is centered around horticulture, but did you know there is so much more to explore? Beyond the beautiful exhibits, fun crafts and activities, guided tours, live music, and delicious food, we have invited a number of talented local vendors to join our new Makers Market area at the 2023 Flower Show. 

The Makers Market highlights small local businesses and their beautiful handmade goods, from jewelry to home decor, and everything in between. Read on for what you can expect from these amazing first-time vendors and see what is new at this year’s Show. 



TerrainTextures owner Alyssa Cuesta has been incorporating outdoor elements in the creation of beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art, jewelry, and home décor since 2017. She gathers dried foliage, flowers, and mushrooms sourced locally from the forests of Pennsylvania and uses them to craft pieces that represent a miniature environment.  

TerrainTextures is honored to be part of the 2023 Flower Show and Alyssa is excited to share her art with like-minded people. She recommends checking out the tiny intricate jewelry and wall hangings TerrainTextures has to offer, saying: "People will be truly astonished by how small mushrooms can be!" 


Ennulat Designs 

This local vendor will be selling hand-pulled botanical and figurative floral encaustic paintings, along with journals, gift wrap, note cards, bookmarks, cloth napkins, aprons, and fabrics covered in intricate floral patterns! Ennulat Designs brings the outdoors inside by pulling inspiration from horticulture in their designs. "Bringing nature, flowers, and plants into our homes with art and designs, textiles, and home decor has always been a great passion of mine," says Emily Ennulat-Lustine, founder of Ennulat Designs. 

This being Ennulat Designs’ first Flower Show, Emily is excited to chat with other flower lovers and fellow artists at Makers Market. 

dandelion propolis hand salve

Appalachian Wax Works

The symbiotic relationship between flowers and bees is celebrated by Katie Alvarez, creator of Appalachian Wax Works. Shop their remarkable goods straight from the hive, including beeswax candles, honey, and other products infused with the "healing energy of the hive," such as balms, soaps, and salves at the 2023 Flower Show.  

"Beeswax candle making is an ancient practice, and my goal is to modernize and elevate it a bit by putting my own spin on the craft," says Katie. She looks forward to sharing her experience as a beekeeper and helping to educate people on the benefits of the by-products of the hive for home and personal wellness. Stop by their booth to learn more about the beekeeping process and pick up some natural, locally-made beeswax products. 

thumbnail stoops of philly poster






If you live in Philadelphia, ArtbyAlicia may have a print of your street or even your house! Alicia Levantini is a local Philly artist who turned her quarantine hobby of drawing stoops in her former Fairmount neighborhood into a full-time business selling hand-drawn depictions of iconic landmarks in Philadelphia.  

Alicia is excited to share her passion at the Makers Market, saying: "I can’t wait to represent local Philly artists who are creating and working in the local art scene. This is my full-time job, and I hope it inspires fellow creatives to see that it is possible to live your dream as an artist and that you can have incredible opportunities like vending at the Flower Show!" ArtbyAlicia's work is the perfect gift to remember your time visiting Philadelphia while attending the 2023 Flower Show. 

mop hummingbird earrings gf 2 1

Helen Ethel Jewelry

Amy DiGregorio, the founder of Helen Ethel Jewelry, works out of her home studio in Phoenixville, PA to handcraft jewelry out of recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Along with jewelry, Helen Ethel Jewelry also offers a small collection of work from two other artists that they find complements their work. This collection includes small ceramic jewelry vessels from a potter in Michigan and stunning letterpress cards from Germany. 

Helen Ethel Jewelry is most excited to be teaming up with another 2023 Flower Show vendor, TerrainTextures, on a special collection for the Show. "The collection features miniature environments of dried foliage and mushrooms foraged by Alyssa and preserved in resin that are set within my handmade settings,” says Amy. Be sure to stop by Helen Ethel Jewelry and TerrainTextures' shared booth to check out their collaborative work. 

thumbnail img 8905

Seader Design Co.

In honor of founder Anastasia Seadar’s Navajo ancestors and heritage, Seader Design Co. creates jewelry and home decor with plants, fungi, crystals, and bugs/animals harvested from Anastasia’s backyard and the mountains of Pennsylvania and Oregon. Growing up and visiting Native American reservations, Anastasia became fascinated by the "detailed art and jewelry the women would create and sell to support their families." The reservations Anastasia visited taught her how to respect and hold gratitude towards nature, which she uses to inspire her work. "I vowed to respect and honor nature and to give thanks to my ancestors for the creative mind that was gifted to me," she says. 

Anastasia Seader is excited to meet fresh faces at the Show as a first-time vendor. She recommends checking out Seader Design Co.’s Knobcones, which are pinecones ethically sourced from Oregon that are slowly and delicately made with pressed florals and crystals.  

thumbnail image


Stephanie Harvey, the creator of Exit343design, is over the moon to be sharing her wall art, greeting cards, vinyl stickers, and t-shirts at this year's Flower Show. Each design is carefully thought out and designed by Stephanie and printed right here in Pennsylvania. Exit343design products make the perfect gift and have something for everybody, especially Philadelphia lovers and flower enthusiasts. Stephanie has been attending the Philadelphia Flower Show with her mother since she was young, which makes being a vendor this year more special!  



Incorporating Guatemalan heritage into handwoven duffle bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, hats, and scarves adds a stunning twist of culture to Soulitude’s accessories. Each bag includes a handmade tassel or a complementary accessory to complete the look. 

This New York-based small business creates amazing products with zero carbon footprint alongside Guatemalan artisans who use their craft to make a living. “They use ancient Mayan weaving techniques to make the textiles used in our products,” says Fatima Vali, creator of Soulitude. “Additionally, 80% of our artisans are hardworking mothers and daughters." 

thumbnail img 4855 2

Vellum St. Soap Co.

Vellum St. Soap Co. is back for its fifth Philadelphia Flower Show to sell locally sourced soap, candles, and skincare! Eliminating waste and practicing sustainably is the main goal of founder Melissa Torre. "We do this by working with many local farms and restaurants to source ingredients from them that would otherwise be considered waste yet have great value in skin care like tallow, citrus peels, previously steeped tea leaves," she says. 

Melissa recommends trying out the fat marshmallow moisturizing fluff, which is perfect for anybody with allergies, skin sensitivities, or who suffers from dry winter skin. This year, Vellum St. Soap Co. Is looking forward to sharing a booth with the Philadelphia Bee Company and selling exclusive collaborative products at the 2023 Makers Market.  

thumbnail image 6483441


Fenny Dong, the founder of Fenny Craft, has been making wire jewelry, embroidery, and bead earrings in Philadelphia since 2020. Fenny Craft excels in attention to detail, making sure all their work is up to customer satisfaction. From hand-embroidered bags to beaded earrings, Fenny Craft’s beautiful handmade pieces will surely catch your eye at the 2023 PHS Flower Show Makers Market! 

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