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The Flower Show

Ride Your Bike to the Flower Show

May 20, 2021

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indego biker

May is National Bike Month, and our partners at GoPhillyGo and Clean Air Council are making it easy for you to plan a bike ride to the first-ever outdoor Philadelphia Flower Show at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. PHS hopes you will consider biking or another environmentally-friendly option to get to the Flower Show this season!

Environmental Benefits: Reduce air pollution 

Transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions, largely caused by single-occupancy vehicle trips. Swapping a bike ride for a car trip is an easy way to make a big impact on our air quality. 

Keep Pedaling: Benefits to Your Health

Helping the environment isn’t the only benefit of cycling. Studies show cycling reduces the risk of conditions that cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and hypertension, and improves mental health through relaxation and stress relief. 

Map it Out: Best Roads and Routes 

Are you looking for the safest bike and walking routes from your location to the Flower Show? GoPhillyGo has ways to customize getting to the Flower Show. 

Plug in your current location for directions to the Flower Show.

Indego Bike Share

Indego, Philly’s bikeshare program, has 130 stations in Philadelphia, including one at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue across from the main entrance to FDR Park and a few more nearby at the Navy Yard. Enable “bike share locations” on the “Explore” map to see where all 130 Indego stations are. 

Where to Park Your Bike

Bikes can be parked within FDR Park, just inside the entrance from Pattison Avenue. Bike racks are available for general park and public use, so please bring a bike lock for your bike's protection.  

Small Changes, Big Impact

Small changes like replacing a car trip with a bike ride are easy, and go a long way to lowering air pollution and improving your physical and mental health. Biking to the Flower Show at FDR Park shows your love for the environment. 

PHS encourages everyone to contribute to a healthy living environment by making small changes to your lifestyle that will have a big impact. From planting a tree, composting, or traveling by bike,  there are many ways you can begin to lessen your carbon footprint. Together we can create a healthy living environment for ourselves and generations to come.   

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