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New Plants Popping Up for Summer at the Pop Up Gardens

May 31, 2022

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phs south street garden cocktails event may 17 2022

By Callista Popp

The summer season is just beginning, and the PHS Pop Up Gardens at South Street and Manayunk are newly decked out with a plethora of stunning plants for guests to discover. These exciting new additions are coupled with delicious snacks and cocktails served exclusively at the gardens. Both Pop Up Gardens also host a wide range of gardening workshops throughout the summer season.  

Read on to get a sneak peek of some of the magnificent plants to see at the gardens and preview the upcoming workshops for the season.  

Plenty of New Plants to Discover 

South Street 

South Street’s Garden reflects a whimsical theme with ephemeral touches that make you feel enchanted as soon as you step into the garden. Here are eight stunning, new plants to peep this summer: 

Abutilon x hybridum ‘Apricot Glow’ 

Commonly known as the flowering maple, this perennial originated in Brazil. The blooms from this tree offer bright pops of red, orange, and yellow. It thrives in semi-tropical environments, making it perfect for the summer in the Pop Up Garden. It also enjoys lots of sun with just a touch of shade. 

Apricot Glow


Passiflora coriacea  

This bat-leaved passionflower is a type of vine that is visibly intriguing. The Central/South American native has leaves that mimic the shape of bat wings, and it produces white-yellow flowers. In some cases, the flowers will further produce small, purple fruits.

passionflower coriacea

Cibotium schiedei  

This Mexican tree fern features majestic fronds that reach out multiple feet. The fern originated in Mexico, and it enjoys a tropical environment with lots of shade.  

Mexican tree fern

Begonia ‘Harmony’s Fire Woman’ 

Rex begonia features gorgeous, multicolored leaves. This plant thrives in an indoor environment with a lot of shade. This leafy plant originated in Southeast Asia, but it is now viewable at South Street. 



Manayunk’s garden focuses on the native plant species of the North American continent. Planting native species at Manayunk encourages local wildlife to come by and enjoy the garden just as much as our human visitors!

Strelitzia reginae 

Commonly known as Birds of Paradise, this thrilling plant displays flickers of orange and purple blossoms. As a South African native, these plants thrive in tropical environments. They also excel indoors with lots of sun. 

Birds of Paradise

Phormium ‘Pink Stripe’ 

This Pink New Zealand Flax is an annual plant that excels with lots of sunlight. The light pink outlines on the leaves makes this plant incredibly special and visually pleasing. 


Agastache ‘Tutti Frutti’ 

This North American native is also known as Anise hyssop. This plant attracts all sorts of pollinators, from bees to butterflies and even some beetles! This perennial also happens to be edible, but it might not taste as great as a snack from the bar. 

'Tutti frutti'

Penstemon ‘Onyx and Pearls’ 

Commonly known as beardtongue, this plant features a backdrop of dark colored foliage with light-colored, white blossoms. Beardtongue also attracts hummingbirds, so be on the watch for some flying friends flitting by! 

Onyx and Pearls

Look Out for Upcoming Workshops at the Pop Up Gardens 

Keep an eye out for these exciting workshops coming to both of the Pop Up Gardens later this summer. 

  • Propagation workshop: Learn how to take a cutting from a few of your houseplants and create an incredible garden jungle! 
  • Pressed-flower class: Learn how to make your own pressed flowers. 
  • Garden remedy class: Using ingredients from your home garden, learn how to make your own bug spray and skin salve. 

The Impact of Horticulture 

The Pop Up Gardens allow so many people to experience being surrounded by plants and wildlife in the city.  In one season, over 100,000 people choose to visit these gardens and witness the power of plants. By visiting either or both of the Pop Up Gardens, you play an important role in advancing PHS’s mission of using gardening to advance the greater good. 

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