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Musings From the Garden: A Treat on South Street

August 05, 2020

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By Arya Akal
Guest Blogger

Through the little green wooden doors and into the rustic magic of the
PHS Pop Up Garden at South Street we go! A pop of green and earthy goodness smack in the middle of two brick buildings on South Street. Hanging flowers swaying to the sounds of the music, green planters welcoming you to the bar, beautiful tree barks provide you with a seat: a true treat in the middle of South Street!

The PHS Pop Up Garden on South Street makes its debut every summer and provides refreshment and a recharge for all who enter and so much more. Proceeds from this urban oasis support greening programs that impact thousands in Philadelphia.

People were sprinkled throughout the garden, strictly adhering to the
social distancing rules. They were sipping on refreshing purple-tinged
concoctions while the sounds of purple rain filled the air. I savored the tasty tacos, a unique burst of flavor that topped it all off for me. 

Behind me another pop of purple, a spiky head of purple Cynara cardunculus 'Cardoon', emerging from its tall, slender, green body (pictured below). You can tell that every plant, shrub, tree, and hanging plant was carefully chosen and placed throughout the garden,  ensuring that you are surrounded by greenery no matter where you sit. Buzzing sounds of life were heard every now and then, also enjoying the beauty and nourishment that the garden had to offer.

After being kept inside for months, there was a sense of joy that almost brought me to tears. It was an incredible breath of fresh air to see the smiles
and safe socializing around me. A more peaceful, spacious version of what
a typical pop-up summer garden would look like! This comfortable, gorgeous
space allowed me to step outside and taste a bit of summer, and
connect with myself, nature, and loved ones!

This truly unique garden allowed me to escape from lockdown amid the walls of my apartment and reminded me of the magic of nature and the outdoors. I hope that you too, will go experience this magic! 

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Visit the PHS Pop Up Garden at South Street