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How to Make a Holiday Wreath in 6 Simple Steps

December 12, 2023

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Use greenery from your yard to create a wreath to give to friends and family this season, and make one for yourself, too!  There's nothing more festive and beautiful than a wreath made with a stunning spectrum of greens you have gathered yourself. Easy and inexpensive, wreath-making is a perfect activity to do alongside children as well. 

Nicole Juday Rhoads, former PHS Director of Engagement, demonstrates how to make your own wreath in this video below.  Also, a supplies list and step-by-step instructions with photos are listed below.

DIY Wreath for the Holidays

Craft the perfect Wreath for the Holidays

Supplies for Your Homemade Holiday Wreath 

  • Box wire wreath frame (A 12-inch frame is about $1 and will make a nice-sized wreath) 
  • Green floral wire (A strong 24-gauge wire is recommended because it is light and easy to work with) and green floral picks -- available at any craft store
  • Wire cutters 
  • Greenery and berries from your yard or a nearby park or greenscape
  • Decorations (Ribbons, ornaments, pine cones, etc.) 

After you have collected your essentials, it’s time to start putting things together! Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to create your personalized winter wreath. 

bundles 01

Step 1: Create Bundles 

Gather at least one to two pieces of different greenery and combine them to your liking to create a hand-sized bundle. Combinations can include -- but are not limited to -- any pre-cut pieces of American Holly, Boxwood, Western Juniper, or White Pine. If you are looking to create a narrower wreath, then make your bundles as small as you want. Get creative -- there is no right or wrong way to do this!  

wire 01

Step 2: Get Started With Your Wire 

After you have created your first bundle, place it anywhere on your box frame and tie the bundle together against the wreath frame with a piece of 24-gauge wire. Make sure to repeat this process a few times to ensure that your bundles stay in place.  

wrapallaround 01

Step 3: Alternate New Bundles on Your Wreath 

With each new bundle you create, alternate the direction that they are pointing towards. Be sure to ensure that one is pointing inward and the next one is pointing outward all the way around for an even wreath. Keep in mind that the closer you put your bundles together, the more full and fluffy your wreath will be. For a more flattened look, you can place your bundles farther apart.  

Tip: When you are wiring your bundles together, do not pinch any of the pieces you have already assembled on your box frame. The wire should only be pinching the stems together, and allow the greenery to be seen.  

wrap 01

Step 4: Wrap Your Bundles All Around 

After you have wrapped all of the bundles around your box frame, carefully tuck your last bundle underneath your first one. Be careful when tying your wire around these two bundles specifically since you do not want to make it noticeable where you started your wreath.  

secure 01

Step 5: Secure Everything With Wire 

When you have placed your wire on the box frame, turn your wreath over and cut the wire. Wind it and weave it into the box frame to secure it into place. This allows your wreath to be more stable and less likely to come apart. 

decorate 01

Step 6: Decorate!  

Personalize your wreath by adding your favorite decorations! Pine cones, vines, acorns, and flowers all make great additions and can be used to enhance your wreath. To add your decorations, twist them onto the green floral picks and place them in the same direction as your bundles.  

Tip: If the back of the pick sticks out too much and hinders the wreath from laying flat, snip off the end of the pick!  

Congratulations!  Wreaths typically last all winter long and can remain green for long periods of time. When choosing a place to hang your wreath, opt for an area with little to no direct sunlight. This will ensure that no greenery will dry out or turn brown. If your wreath might be prone to critters, you can always spray paint it with a clear shellac (critters hate the taste!)

It is important to maintain your wreath so that it keeps its luscious green color and looks full for the holidays. Now enjoy yours all season long! 

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