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13 Gardening Influencers We Follow for Fresh Ideas and Inspiration

November 16, 2023

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By Amanda Baez 

Many garden influencers have made it their mission to inspire their followers by introducing different plants on their platforms, offering helpful gardening tips, and showcasing their beautiful landscape designs. Whether you're an avid gardener or a newcomer eager to get started, exploring content from some of social media's top gardening influencers can stir up fresh ideas for anyone with a knack for plants. 

Dig into our list of 13 gardening influencers PHS has collaborated with to help you grow your green thumb! With a broad selection of local influencers in the Philadelphia region and others across America, you are sure to find one or more experts to follow who fits your gardening needs.

Durrell Eastland - @theblackplantman (Instagram)

Learn the ins and outs of houseplant care and ornamental gardening from Durell Eastland, a passionate Philly local who makes it his mission to teach fellow gardeners how to help their indoor plants thrive. With over 110k followers, Durrell uses his platform to bring his followers along on his bustling houseplant journey. He also offers detailed videos to showcase the valuable tips and tricks he uses to keep his green indoor oasis looking beautiful all year round.   

Andrew Conboy - @andrew_the_arborist (Instagram)

Urban forester, environmentalist, and video creator Andrew Conboy brings to light the importance of native trees and ecological gardening through Instagram and TikTok. While offering detailed insights on trees in the Philadelphia area, he also gives native plant recommendations and teaches his followers how to appropriately add them to any landscape. Appealing to gardeners of all levels, Andrew is an excellent addition to your following count if you’re into all things native.  

@blackmarigoldgarden Happy First Day Of Fall 🍂 The end of summer has arrived flown by and I blinked my eyes and now it’s Fall. Sharing this special moment from my recent Master Gardener trainee practicum when I learned the power of “yet”. I have always stayed away from using power tools in the garden because I don’t have the knowledge. When I found out our “task” was to build outdoor compost bins, I began to panic. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know the names of the tools. When we got started, I watched carefully and tried to be the best team player. I let my team know that I had no idea what I was doing but I wanted to learn. I asked a ton of questions and everyone had patience with me. This video that I am sharing is my first time using a power tool independently. It wasn’t easy and I wanted to just have someone else do it. I just had to tell myself that I can’t do this “yet”. With a little bit of focus and calming breaths, I was able to do it. I know this may not be a big deal for most people but it meant a lot to me. I hope this new season give you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new in the garden and in life 👩🏾‍🌾🌱 Stay tuned for exciting updates to the pollinator garden and fall/winter native perennial seed sowing 🌱 . . . . . #alwayslearninginthegarden #pollinatorgardening #alwayslearning #powertoolsarefun #thereisalwaysafirsttime #newseason #learningandgrowing ♬ sail away (instrumental) - lovelytheband

Black Marigold Garden - @black_marigold_garden (Instagram and TikTok)

Look no further for inspiration to grow your own food crops -- Black Marigold Garden has you covered! Mainly focusing on urban vegetable gardening, Black Marigold Garden is passionate about teaching people how to grow delicious food in any small-spaced garden. Follow along as she teaches you how to plant seasonal crops, attract pollinators, and use your inner creativity to transform tiny spaces into beautiful vegetative landscapes.  

Plant and People - @Plantandpeople (Instagram) 

This mother-daughter duo highlights the importance of plants and greenery within the Black community through social media. Plant and People focuses on bringing awareness to the benefits nature can have on the mental health of everyone, especially those who are a part of underrepresented groups. With a firm belief that plants can have a great impact on the well-being of others, Plant and People strives to teach others how they can make their houses greener, while benefiting from the positive effects of nature itself.  

Summer Rayne Oaks - @plantoneonme (Instagram and YouTube)

YouTube sensation Summer Rayne Oaks has made her mission to bring people closer to plants while bringing plants closer to them. She started her YouTube channel 'Plant One On Me' in February 2017 to help answer houseplant care questions and help those who had trouble in their indoor gardening journey. Since then, Summer has grown her channel to feature regular episodes that share the beauty of plants with the people who love them. Gardeners of all levels can benefit from the large selection of informative videos Summer has, so be sure to check out her channel to see what you can learn! 

Farmer Nick - @Nickcutsumpas  (Instagram)

Plant coach, environmentalist, and landscaper Nick Cutsumpas is best known for diving into the nitty gritty details of nurturing plants and how to sustainably grow them. From outdoor produce to indoor houseplants, Nick's page always has something new to look forward to. He even considers himself a 'plantrepreneur' who is devoted to all things green and loves showcasing his journey on Instagram as Farmer Nick.  

Luay Ghafari - @urbanfarmandkitchen (Instagram)

Best-selling author Luay Ghafari does more than teach you about organic urban gardening. -- find fresh and delicious recipes on his social media, along with perseveration tips, gardening advice, and how to balance the food you grow with the food you make in his newest book Seed to Table: A Seasonal Guide to Organically Growing, Cooking, and Preserving Food at Home. Stay updated on his blog and learn what it means to be more self-sufficient while helping your garden flourish.  

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Sravanthi - @greenhomedream (Instagram)

This Philly-based influencer is changing the game when it comes to indoor houseplants! With over 500 posts on Instagram, gardening influencer Sravanthi shows the beauty of propagating, growing, and catering to an indoor jungle of greenery. Learn how to choose the perfect plants for your home and dive into the essential details of gardening indoors. 

Farmer Jawn Philly - @farmerjawn_ (Instagram)

If you love gardening and your community, then FarmerJawn might be the social media influencer you have been searching for. With a community-driven mission, this organization is reintroducing farming into the lifestyles of urban people with the hope of developing physical, social, and environmental health. Grow with them as they aim to teach people about urban gardening and to empower the next generation of gardeners. 

Brie the Plant Lady - @brietheplantlady (Instagram)

Garden educator Brie Arthur grows various plants and vegetables and shows what can be achieved by gardening in your own backyard. With a passion for teaching sustainable gardening practices, Brie shares expert advice and creative ideas on Instagram and YouTube to help anyone looking to flourish in their gardening journey. 

Desiree Butler - @philly_plantmama (Instagram)

To bring nature into urban cities and the life of city-goers, Desiree Butler motivates communities with her rooted passion for urban gardening. Referring to herself as the Philly Plant Mama, Desiree views the greenery in the city as something to take care of and cherish. With a strong desire to help make Philadelphia and our communities more sustainable, Desiree is your friendly neighborhood gardening expert. Learn the importance of going green, how to care for your garden, and the best ways to harvest your own crops like a pro!  

@youcandoitgardening I love to help people save money. Perennials are expensive! Most people don't have a lot of extra money just lying around that they can spend on things they don't need. So get out there and get your hands dirty my friends, and happy gardening!🌺 I have a lot of other videos on perennials so feel free to browse and check those out. Spring is a great time to do this but I'm out there in the middle of the summer too (you just have to water really well until they get established.) And get in touch if you would like an assist for anything in your garden (virtual or in person). I'm here for you and the link for that is in my bio. Location: client’s house (video done by client), and my house for the dividing of a different type of sedum but the same principle applies. You can often divide plants in place like this or by digging them out and splitting them that way. Whatever is easiest for the type of plant and how big it is. #perennials #gardening #gardenhack #gardeningforbeginners #gardeningtips #gardening101 #gardentok ♬ original sound - You Can Do It Gardening

Jess – The Garden Coach - @youcandoitgardening (Instagram and TikTok)

As her Instagram bio explains, Jess is a proud gardener who finds delight in empowering others to find their place in the plant community. She does this by posting gardening tips and ‘how to’ videos on her social media channels. She also offers virtual garden consultations for people across America and Canada. During these consultations, she teaches gardening skills and collaborates with them to improve their outdoor spaces.  

Nick Pileggi - @phillyfoliage (Instagram)

Caring for over 300 houseplants can seem daunting -- but for Nick Pileggi, it’s just the beginning! With over 165k YouTube subscribers, Nick is filled to the brim with houseplant knowledge and offers indoor planting tips, unboxing videos, and much more on his channel. If you're an avid indoor gardener or a beginner who doesn't know how to get started, Nick’s channel is bound to help those of all levels. Follow him on his impressive houseplant journey and explore all that Nick and his hundreds of plants have to offer!  

@phsgardening if you want more trees in your Philly neighborhood, this video is for you 🌳 #trees #treeplanting #volunteer #fyp #foryoupage #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - PHS

Connect with PHS’s own horticulture experts on TikTok 

With so much talk about social content, influencers, and the gardening community, PHS is excited to chime in on all the fun and announce the launch of our newest social media account – TikTok! You can find a variety of our gardening experts @PHSgardening where we will feature fun and informative videos related to gardening for any season, our fall tree plantings, and the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. 

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