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Season's Greenings: A DIY Wreath

December 11, 2020

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By Marion McParland

Use greenery from your yard to create a wreath to give to friends and family this season, and make one for yourself, too!  There's nothing more festive and beautiful than a wreath made with a stunning spectrum of greens you have gathered yourself. Easy and inexpensive, wreath-making is a perfect activity to do alongside children as well. 

Nicole Juday Rhoads, former PHS Director of Engagement, demonstrates how to make your own wreath in this video below. Purchase a box frame, (a 12-inch frame is about $1 and will make a nice size wreath), and green wire. She recommends 24-gauge wire because it is light and easy to work with, yet strong.  Next, walk around your yard and see what you can find!

DIY Wreath for the Holidays

Craft the perfect Wreath for the Holidays

Nicole uses a combination of cut evergreen branches including white pine, incense cedar, boxwood, western juniper, and holly, along with some baby blue eucalyptus that she purchased. She adds pine cones that she gathered from her property, as well as dried lotus pods from her pond. 

Watch as she gathers small bundles of greens and wraps them with wire. Note, the tighter together the bundles, the denser your wreath will be. Finish off your wreath with your choice of dried pine cones, holly berries, or a ribbon! 

Enjoy your wreath all winter long!  

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