Upgrades to the Guest Experience

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A New Year, A New Show Experience

After many months indoors due to the pandemic that began in 2020, the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show was a unique opportunity for PHS to connect in person with guests. It truly was a Flower Show of many firsts!

It was the first time the Flower Show would be held outdoors in 193 years. It was the first major outdoor event to take place in Philadelphia in 2021. And – while it was not the first time the Show would be held in the summer – it was still a Show with many opportunities to try new things.

We admit that we learned a lot from the 2021 Flower Show!

All of us at PHS want the best experience for our Flower Show guests. We have made a number of changes to our 2022 Flower Show to welcome you back!

Here are just a few of the enhancements we have in store.

We hope to see you June 11-19, 2022 when we are “In Full Bloom” in FDR Park!

With an outdoor Show taking place in June, we can't always control Mother Nature and steamy summer temps (the plants love these days!) Fortunately, FDR Park has lots of natural shade from large trees that flank the Show grounds. For the 2022 Show, we encourage guests to find added shade throughout the park, including sailcloth coverings over the sit-down eateries, under the Boathouse, in the American Swedish Historical Museum (along with air conditioning), more plentiful large display tents, and other vendor tents on the Show grounds.


Water misters will be available in FDR Park once temperatures become too uncomfortable. PHS staff and numerous volunteers will be available to direct guests to misters during Show hours when available.


Additional ways that guests can stay cool at the Flower Show include:

  • Bring an umbrella or parasol to provide shade
  • Bring a refillable water bottle and use the water refilling stations in the park
  • Dress in lightweight clothes that are light in color
  • Take frequent hydration breaks
  • Take breaks at shaded seating areas throughout the Show grounds or in air-conditioned Flower Show venues mentioned above

At the 2022 Show, guests that have their own mobility equipment can easily enter FDR Park as follows:

  • Park at one of the Flower Show parking lots and take advantage of the Flower Show shuttles that can accommodate mobility equipment – shuttles will circle the various lots continuously -- so guests should look for accessible shuttle vehicles.
  • Guests can be dropped off at 1500 Pattison Ave, and continue into the Show grounds from this location.

Guests who have rented mobility equipment to use at the Flower Show, or who want to rent equipment on-site, should be dropped off at the park entrance at 1500 Pattison Ave (look for the Flower Show signage).


For the 2022 Show, a mobility equipment rental location will be located much closer to the park entrance, and shuttles will run continuously to provide guests transport from the park entrance to the rental equipment site.


The Show grounds at FDR Park are comprised of varied terrain including paved and gravel paths, and also lawn areas. Scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs can be utilized on both paved and mulched paths and many of the lawn areas. In the case of inclement weather, Flower Show staff will be available to assist guests with any particularly wet or muddy areas to allow for easy Show passage.


2022 Flower Show guest maps will highlight accessible restrooms and other accessibility accommodations.


For the 2022 Show, the walkway from the park entrance to the Flower Show entry gates will be re-paved and a second guest walkway has been added. Additional attention will be given to curbs throughout the Show grounds for guests to easily maneuver if using a wheelchair or other mobility device.


Guests should remember that seating is available throughout the Park on various benches, on the steps to the Boathouse and at the Boathouse eatery, at long tables in the general eatery areas, and more.

Hydration stations will be available on the Show grounds for guests to refill their personal water bottles, and these will be marked on the 2022 Flower Show map. Bottled water will also be available for purchase from most Flower Show eateries.

Again for the 2022 Flower Show, the easiest method for arrivals/departures is public transportation. The Flower Show is easily reached via the Broad Street subway line, and guests should arrive at/depart from the NRG Station (located at Broad & Pattison). The entrance to FDR Park is an 8-minute walk from this station.


For the 2022 Show, all Show parking lots, parking prices, parking logistics, and parking hours will be listed on the Flower Show website. If arriving by car, Flower Show parking lots will be designated by outdoor signage, and all Flower Show parking lots offer accessible parking spots.


All Flower Show parking lots will be serviced by Flower Show courtesy shuttles, and some shuttles will provide accessible seating. Flower Show shuttles will operate during posted Show hours, including one hour before the Show opens each day, and one hour following the Show close.


Additional shuttles will function during the Flower Show to allow for special events – your special event ticket will provide additional transportation and parking information closer to your specific event date.


Please note there will be Philadelphia Phillies baseball games and other 2022 summer events like concerts taking place in the vicinity of the Show during Flower Show dates. Guests should allow sufficient time to travel to the Show via car, car service, public transportation, or other specialty shuttle services. Guests should anticipate time to include commuting to the Show, time to park, time to access any equipment rentals, and time to enter the Show gates for their tickets to be scanned for entry.  This will allow guests the most time at the Show for maximum enjoyment.

Plenty of modular restrooms will be available throughout the Show grounds in 2022, and some restrooms are air-conditioned.  A wide variety of restroom options are available for women, men, families, and ADA/ramp accessible.


Flower Show restrooms will be on a heightened cleaning schedule during the 2022 Show to accommodate guests throughout the Show days, including checks on toilet paper, hand washing soap and towels, and trash levels. Restrooms are located close to the Show entrance, inside the Show entrance, near main guest paths, near eateries, and within the American Swedish Historical Museum.

The Flower Show eateries will again provide a wide variety of food choices for guests, including options for foodies, festival diners, and families, with global cuisine choices, as well as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-sensitive options.


For the 2022 Show, guests can access a list of eatery names and menu options on the Flower Show website. Lists of specific dining choices will be made available closer to the Show, e.g., all Flower Show gluten-free eating options and location/s on Show grounds. Also, eateries will be marked on the 2022 Flower Show map for guests to easily locate their preferred food options.

Many improvements in Show design are planned for 2022! Two paved guest entrance paths will be available, where guests will queue to have their Show tickets scanned for entry. Along the pathways, Flower Show staff will provide information on any line wait times to keep guests informed. 


Guests who have rented mobility equipment to use at the Flower Show, or who want to rent equipment on site, should be dropped off at the park entrance at 1500 Pattison Ave. A mobility equipment rental location will be located near the park entrance for the 2022 Show, and another will be located inside the main entrance gates. As in 2021, shuttles will run continuously during Show hours to provide guests transport into the park to the main entrance gates.


Design layouts for the 2022 Show are still being planned, as exhibitors continue to sign on to the Show to present their latest floral designs and horticultural creations. The 2021 Flower Show included more exhibits than in prior Shows, and the 2022 Show is anticipated to again feature a diverse line-up of exhibitors located around the globe – and right here at home.


Shopping layouts for the 2022 Show will be changed, so vendors will be grouped together in the north section of the Show grounds (when looking at the American Swedish Historical Museum from inside FDR Park, look to the left). A variety of eateries will be interspersed throughout the Show grounds, with a range of festival and foodie tastes, to again include vegan, vegetarian, kid-friendly, and other diet-specific options.


We want our guests to have plenty of time to enjoy the entire 15 acres of Flower Show fun! Note that Flower Show weekends, morning Show hours, and Show days with special events are busier than weekdays. During the Show dates of June 11-19, additional events such as Phillies baseball games and evening concerts will be held in the area of FDR Park. Guests should anticipate time to include commuting to the Show, time to park, time to access any equipment rentals, and time to enter the Show gates for their tickets to be scanned for entry. This will allow guests the most time at the Show for maximum enjoyment.

For the 2022 Flower Show, tickets will be available with a wide variety of guest options, including tickets that are good for any Show day between June 11-19; tickets that are good for a specific day; plus individual tickets for Adults, Young Friends, and children. Ticket packages are also available for families and groups.  Tickets can be purchased online, at participating ACME and AAA locations, and onsite at the Flower Show box office.


Tickets for 2022 will not be based on timed entry; instead, tickets will be priced according to guest preference for a specific day, or guests may choose to purchase a ticket good for any Show day. 2022 Flower Show hours will generally run 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, with Show dates running Saturday, June 11 – Sunday, June 19. Note the Show will close at 6:00 pm on Sunday, June 19, and other special events held on Flower Show grounds will have specific start/end times that will not overlap public Flower Show hours.


For the 2022 Show, ticket insurance will again be available, and guests are encouraged to purchase ticket insurance after reviewing the guidelines for how tickets can be reimbursed.

While it is important to note that tickets to the Flower Show are not refundable, we have made changes to how guest tickets will be honored when there is a weather-related set of events that closes/cancels the Show (due to lightning, flooding, or other issues): 2022 ticket holders will be given the opportunity to re-enter the Show on their original ticket, either on the same day (weather contingent) or on another Show day.


At times, inclement weather events may close the Flower Show to ensure the safety of guests, staff, and vendors. Guests will be notified via the email used when purchasing tickets and also through Flower Show and PHS social media channels as soon as a decision has been made to close the Show for any reason, with information provided regarding safe re-entry.

Enjoy Your Experience

We want to provide the best guest experience possible at each Philadelphia Flower Show. Our guests are additional eyes and ears for our team! Your input for the 2022 Flower Show is welcome, so feel free to send more ideas and suggestions to our team at: [email protected].

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If you have additional feedback or suggestions for the 2022 show, contact PHS today!