Advanced PHS Tree Tenders® Training

The Advanced PHS Tree Tenders® Webinar Series

This series consists of eight 1½-2 hour webinars. Each webinar focuses on a specific topic and is designed for individuals with basic tree knowledge, either from the Tree Tenders basic training or other life experience. The PHS Advanced Tree Tenders program pulls together an amazing collection of partners including Penn State Coop Ext, TreeVitalize, Bartlett Tree Experts, TNC, ACTrees Morris Arboretum and Casey Trees. Quizzes are also available for those interested in receiving a PHS Advanced Tree Tenders Certificate. Those signing up will receive links to both the webinars and the quizzes. All webinars are available for rolling enrollment.

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Archived Classes

Class: One
Speaker/Organization: Julianne Schieffer of Penn State Coop. Ext.
Topic: Advanced Tree Identification: Buds, Bark, and Branches

Class: Two
Speaker/Organization: Lara Roman of US Forest Service Field Station
Topic: Tree Health  Monitoring

Class: Three
Speaker/Organization: Steve Goin of Barlett Tree Experts
Topic: Structural Problems in Trees/Advanced Tree Pruning

Class: Four
Speaker/Organization: Bill Toomey of The Nature Conservancy
Topic: Non-native Invasive Insects and Diseases of Trees

Class: Five
Speaker/Organization: Carrie Gallagher of Alliance for Community Trees/Maisie Hughes of CaseyTrees/Bill Elmendorf of PennState Coop. Ext.
Topic: Advocacy/Tree Policy - Nurturing your Inner - Tree Advocate

Class: Six
Speaker/Organization: Jason Lubar of The Morris Arboretum
Topic: The Soil – Tree Relationship

Class: Seven
Speaker/Organization: Vinnie Cotrone of Penn State Coop. Ext.
Topic: Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Place

Class: Eight
Speaker/Organization: Emma Melvin of PHS
Topic: Riparian Plantings

Fee is $25 - Contact Mindy Maslin at [email protected] or 215.988.8844 for information on scholarships or partial enrollment.