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PHS Pop Up Garden FAQ

Our gardens are first come, first serve for your group of up to six (6) people.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the PHS Pop Up Garden. In light of COVID-19, Pop Up visitors are required to follow these guidelines:

  • Visitors must maintain at least a six (6) ft distance while in the garden.
    • We have rearranged all of the seating to allow for six (6) ft between all guests throughout the garden. Tables can accommodate up to six (6) people.
    • Directional signage has been placed throughout the garden to help control the flow of traffic.
  • Visitors must wear face masks when standing and moving about the garden.
  • Restrooms will be limited to two (2) guests at a time to your preferred restroom.
  • Guests can enjoy a contactless experience while dining at the Pop Ups through the point of sale system website: PopUpGarden.Mobilebytes.com/menu

In compliance with  state and local health and dining mandates, here are some of the improvements and policies we have in place:

  • Social distance sidewalk decals will be out front and throughout the Garden
  • Guests will be led to their tables by a host
  • Menus can be easily read via the QR code on each table.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the host stand, bar, bathrooms and mounted throughout the Garden
  • Guests are encouraged to order food and beverages via the QR code at your table. 
  • If ordering from the bar, there will be plexiglass separating guests and the bartender
  • Credit card payment receptacles will be sanitized regularly
  • Staff and guests that are not seated will be required to wear masks
  • Staff will have staggered starting times, receive regular self-health assessments, are required to do frequent handwashing, and work six (6) ft apart
  • We will only be serving drinks from the main bar (located to the right of the Garden when you enter); the other service counter will only put up food orders that are brought to each numbered table by food runners
  • Every table and chair will be sanitized between guest seating
  • Restrooms will be monitored by staff and cleaned at a minimum of every 30 minutes
  • All food and drink will be served in single-use settings -- no communal condiments etc. will be used
    • Recycling will be offered and encouraged throughout the Garden
  • Staff are to work unaccompanied whenever possible during outdoor work and maintain at least a 6 ft distance with all colleagues and public encounters

We have a rigorous set of cleaning procedures that will be followed daily, including:

  • Every table and chair will be sanitized between guest seatings and wiped down at the start of every shift
  • Bar surfaces, plexiglass, bathrooms, and all commonly touched surfaces throughout the Garden will be wiped down at the start of every shift
  • Staff are required to wear masks throughout the entire shift
  • Staff will wash hands frequently throughout every shift
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located at the host stand, bar, and bathrooms and mounted in baskets throughout the Garden
  • Bathrooms will be monitored and cleaned every 30 minutes
  • Countertops will be wiped regularly; if a guest touches the countertop, it will be wiped

We encourage guests to always check the PHS website for the most current visiting hours. Posted hours are as follows:

  • The PHS Pop Up Garden at South Street will be open to visitors seven (7) days a week.
    • Monday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    • Friday - Sunday 12:00pm - 10:00 pm
  • The PHS Pop Up Garden at Manayunk will be open to visitors seven (7) days a week.
    • Monday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm ​​​​​​​
    • Friday  12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    • Saturday - Sunday  11:00 am  - 10:00 pm

NOTE: We will be limiting the number of visitors permitted in the garden at one time based on the City of Philadelphia Health Department’s approved socially distancing seating chart

There will be face masks available at the entrance.

Guests can be seated with a total of six (6) people.

Yes, the restrooms are open. Restrooms will be limited to two (2) guests at a time to your preferred restroom.

We encourage children to visit the garden! Please review our safety guidelines:

  • Children are permitted in the Pop Up Garden when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Some restrictions may apply (including Friday & Saturday nights).
  • Due to city regulations, all guests must be seated in the garden. Children are welcome in the garden under the same guidelines as adults; they must remain at the table to which they are assigned.

Yes. Pets must be on a leash and be well-behaved when visiting the garden.

Yes, guests can enjoy a contactless ordering experience while dining at the Pop Up Garden. You can order menu items via QR code at your table. The order will then be brought to you by a staff member. Please note we are serving everything in single-use packaging, including condiments and flatware.

Alcoholic beverages cannot be ordered for take-out from the PHS Pop Up Garden; however, food orders are available for take-out.