How to Enter the Flower Show

The best in the business create floral arrangements and lush landscapes that uplift the Philadelphia Flower Show theme.

Each year Flower Show exhibitors, representing the brightest talent in the floral and landscaping fields, create displays that delight more than a quarter-million visitors. Many of these exhibitors have spent decades perfecting their craft, and an average of 18 months preparing their displays - which often include forcing a great variety of plants to bloom just in time for the Flower Show. 

To be considered for entry in Arrangement, Pressed Plant, Jewelry, Horticulture and Orchid Classes, apply here.

If you've ever thought about entering your plants in the Philadelphia Flower Show, but you're not quite sure how to go about it, now is the time. PHS offers classes for PHS members and non-members, lead by our own horticulture experts.

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