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Harvest 2020


Harvest 2020 is a new PHS program focused on addressing growing hunger and food insecurity in the Philadelphia region. PHS is asking our powerful community of gardeners to dig in and plant more food crops this year with extra to share.  Each year PHS and our 128 community garden partners grow fresh food for pantries and neighbors all over the greater Philadelphia region. Our goal is to mobilize at least 100,000 – of the 10-county Greater Philadelphia region’s 1.6 million – gardeners to help us grow and share 5 million pounds of fresh produce this growing season. 

You can choose your own path, or several, to join the movement:   

  • Become a GROWER – grow food for myself.  

  • Become a SHARER – grow food and share with others.   

  • Become a DONOR– give funds to support people in underserved communities to grow food for themselves and their neighbors.

  • Harvest 2020 aims to build a movement  of  people growing, sharing, and giving to address food insecurity in our communities. 

It’s easy to get started! Visit the Plant Your Garden. You will find a shopping list of the things you will need to grow food. Then, visit Learn to Grow to attend gardening workshops and read about food gardening.  

Visit Plant Your Garden to see our list of local retailers who have the necessary products available for our consumers to begin their home gardens.  Offer and search for gardening resources with the Cooperative Gardens Commission here.  

We are ready to teach you to garden. Visit Learn to Grow. You can learn at your own pace with our Harvest 2020 lessons or attend a GROWinar workshop on food growing.  

We can help you find a food pantry near you. Click Donate Food to see food donation guidelines and a map of food pantries in the area accepting donations. 

We are partnering with Food Connect, an organization that can pick up produce from your home/garden and brings it to a food pantry. Additional information can be found by clicking Donate Food. 

Everyone is welcome to support Harvest 2020. Your generosity funds all PHS programs that increase the health and well-being of the Greater Philadelphia region through horticulture, including Harvest 2020 which especially supports people in underserved communities. Give at PHSonline.org/donate and choosing “Harvest 2020” when asked, “How did you hear about us?"  We are pleased to partner with community-based organizations to scale up their efforts to build networks for self-reliance

You can also sign up at Food Connect to become a driver and pick up produce from gardeners and bring them to local pantries. 

 Please reach out to your local neighborhood food pantry and ask if they are accepting other items. 

 Once dropped off at the food pantry, it will be available to those in need. If you are in need of fresh produce and other items please join us in growing food by visiting Plant Your Garden and contact your local food pantry to learn about pick up times and other offerings.  

Please reach out to the Harvest 2020 team by emailing [email protected]

Yes, PHS has a variety of programs going on throughout the year. Please visit PHSonline.org/support-phs/target-your-impact  or email [email protected] to learn about all the ways you can get involved with PHS! 

You can join our initiative at any time whether you are a donor, retailer, food relief organization, sponsor, or gardener. Contact us at [email protected]

Questions on Harvest 2020? Get in touch with PHS.