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Harvest 2020

Beets_Donate Food

Here you can learn how to share your harvest, connect with local food pantries, and schedule produce pick-ups to deliver what you grow to your neighbors in need. 

How to Share Food

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Step One
Decide How You Will Donate
  • Give directly to your neighbors. 
  • Drop off at a local food pantry. Find one in your neighborhood using the map below. 
  • Schedule a produce pickup. Use Food Connect, who will safely and conveniently transport your food to a donation site. 

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Step Two
Pick and Evaluate your Produce

Use our food donation guidelines, listed below.

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Step Three
Track Your Harvest

Tell us about your donation and help us track your impact for Harvest 2020. 

Track Your Harvest
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Step Four
Share your Harvest!

Food Donation Guidelines 

Check that your produce meets our donation guidelines for our food pantry partners. Harvest your produce safely using these best practices.
Produce must be: 

  • Fresh - Harvest produce immediately before donating. We cannot accept produce with signs of mold, fungus, or decay. 
  • Whole - We cannot accept cut fruit or vegetables. 
  • Raw - We cannot accept cooked food. 
  • Clean - We cannot accept produce with signs of insects. 
  • Packaged in a clean bag or box - Place your produce in a clean plastic or paper grocery bag, or place them in a cardboard box. We cannot accept produce in garbage bags. We suggest that you label the bag or box with the date, your name, and product details (e.g. twenty (20) tomatoes, two (2) zucchini, harvested 5/7/20, donor name). 
  • You may donate non-perishable dry goods in addition to produce. If you have questions about the types of food the pantry can accept, please call them directly at the contact information listed on the map below. 

View larger dashboard here

Food Pantry Map

PHS created a map of local food pantries in the Philadelphia region that can distribute your homegrown produce to help feed our communities. A special thanks to Harvest 2020 partners for connecting PHS with their networks. If you live outside of this region, visit AmpleHarvest.org to see their national food pantry map.  Check back regularly to see additional food donation sites as they join Harvest 2020. Interested in adding your pantry to our map? Fill out this form.

Questions on Harvest 2020? Get in touch with PHS.