FAQs: Gardening Contest

How are points determined in the judging process?

Each garden is judged for its own merit, for a maximum possible score of 100. Of the 5 contest criteria, Aesthetic Appeal and Plant Health/Sustainability are each worth 30 points. Edibles, Habitat and Social Connections (family, neighbors, community), are judged in combination for a total of 40 points, with the individual parts considered as applicable. That means that a garden that does not have edibles, for example, should not lose points for that, and can be judged for the full 40 points based on the Habitat and Social Connections criteria. Also note that questions listed on the judging sheets for each criteria are meant to be conversation-starters between judges and gardeners, and are not specifically assigned point values. Please contact [email protected] with any further questions about the judging process or criteria.


How will my garden be recognized? 

Exemplary gardens will be selected to receive awards and recognition. Photos and highlights of the winning entries will be shared via PHS social media, press materials and communications. 


When will my garden be judged?

Onsite judging will begin in July.


Are there learning opportunities? 

All contestants will be provided opportunities to learn from PHS experts and from each other, through optional classes and online resources. 


Can I nominate a neighbor or friend?

Yes, you can nominate your favorite neighborhood garden! Simply enter their street address and contact information on the online registration form, and PHS will do the rest.