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The Flower Show
February 11, 2021

Nature as Gardener for Beauty and Reduced Maintenance

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nature as gardener

Picture-perfect plant combinations make for beautiful gardens, yet keeping every plant in its place is a lot of work. If you grow native and site adapted plants, and long to lower your maintenance time and budget, this lecture is for you.

Join Cole Burrell to learn tips and techniques for working with Mother Nature to create a beautiful, reduced maintenance garden by augmenting and editing. Using layering, underplanting, free seeding perennials and annuals, and a little benign neglect, you can reduce the amount of time spent working in your garden.


February 11, 2021


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


$31.50 PHS Members
$35 for non-members


Participants will receive a link to a video conference prior to the date of the event.

With a commitment to inclusion, PHS partners with Art-Reach to make programming accessible to people with disabilities and to low-income communities.