Helen M. Horstmann

Dr. Helen Horstmann retired from orthopedic surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in late 2018. She has also been a staff surgeon at the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and other Philadelphia hospitals. In her distinguished orthopedic surgery career, she has specialized in the care of orthopedically handicapped children and adults and is nationally well known for her work in cerebral palsy as well as for the care of adults with post-polio syndrome. She co-authored the definitive medical text, Orthopedic Management in Cerebral Palsy, with Stanford professor Eugene Bleck. Dr. Horstmann has received distinguished alumna achievement awards from every school she attended, including Rosemont College and the Medical College of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Horstmann joined PHS’s board in September of 2016.  She is the Chair of the Flower Show and Events Committee.  She is also currently on the Board of Villanova and previously chaired the Board of the Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Bryn Mawr. She was on the Board of Rosemont College as well as several medical organizations.