Edward M. D’Alba

Ed D’Alba is former President and CEO of Urban Engineers, Inc. (Urban), based in Philadelphia. He is currently a director of this firm, which has 450 employees with offices in eight states and offers an extensive scope of planning, design, construction management, and environmental services to a broad range of public and private clients. Projects include bike trails, streetscape projects throughout the northeast, the transformation of Dilworth Plaza into an exceptional and exciting public space, and the program management of mega projects in New York City, including the Second Avenue Subway, the East Side Access and the World Trade Center.

Ed was elected to the PHS Board in November 2013, and previously served on Council. He chaired the Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Party in 2008, and he and his wife, Karen, serve on this Committee. Ed served as chair of the PHS Finance and Administration Committee and currently serves as Chair of the Meadowbrook Farm Governance Committee.