Why PHS?

Founded in 1827, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a non-profit organization committed to engaging gardeners and garden lovers, transforming lives and communities, and greening public spaces. PHS currently has over 21,000 members and 5,000 volunteers who are passionate about our mission to connect people with horticulture and create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable communities. We inspire a quarter-million guests each year with the largest indoor flower show, which has been named the best event in the world by the International Festivals & Events Association.

We encourage each other to push our limits and create a unique path within the organization. Whether you are a gardener, educator, graphic designer, event specialist or community organizer, you can become a part of a team dedicated to transforming lives in our region.


Our staff members are committed to making real-world impacts. They want to develop their own talents and interests in a learning environment. At PHS, we foster professional development and personal growth through our Learning & Development Program, with training in our three core competency areas: PHS Foundational, Managing Relationships, and Individual Knowledge.

As a part of our team, you can create a plan for your own personal development based on your job responsibilities and career goals. This can happen in many ways: virtual and classroom learning, on-the-job learning, opportunities to work on and/or lead new projects, external conferences, seminars, and/or continuing education. You are also encouraged to participate in special enrichment experiences sponsored by the organization, including: programs on horticulture and gardening, tree planting, sustainable practices, garden tours, and mission-related experiences. By participating in these activities, you directly experience the impact you make in our community. In addition, PHS hosts monthly lunch and learns. These are open to all staff and are good opportunities to learn from your peers, guest speakers and partners about a wide range of subjects. External networking is another great opportunity to grow. You can participate in activities outside your role or department and take advantage of opportunities for personal development and promoting PHS.  


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society firmly believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion as the means to empower all employees, stakeholders, and partners in achieving our mission to connect people with horticulture and create beautiful, healthy, sustainable communities.  

To act on that belief, PHS has adopted a Code of Ethics that includes the following commitments:

“PHS recognizes the personal value of every employee by pledging that every employee will be treated with dignity and respect and will be judged on the basis of his or her qualifications to perform the position, without discrimination based on age, disability, genetic information, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, or sexual or gender orientation. 

“PHS’s workforce wants and deserves a work environment that supports honesty, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility and that permits the opportunity to achieve excellence in the workplace.  Accordingly, each member of the workforce must adhere to the PHS Values and contribute to the creation and maintenance of such an environment so as to foster a work environment that is free from the fear of retribution and that will bring out the best in all members of the workforce. Supervisors must be careful in words and conduct to avoid placing, or seeming to place, pressure on subordinates that could cause them to deviate from acceptable ethical behavior.” 

Nationwide Impact

The map below illustrates the impact our organization has on the region and nation. We are leaders in the greening movement and wish to share our best practices with those near and far. With members across the country and programs throughout the region, we can expand our outreach and diversify our perspectives on effective horticultural solutions.