Living Our Values

The PHS Values shape HOW we work – the ways we interact with one another, make decisions, prioritize time and other resources, and connect with our coworkers, members, supporters, and other stakeholders. Fully living these values will ensure a healthy organization regularly delivering the greatest impact. While values are conceptual in nature, behaviors happen on the ground, every day, and can be clearly seen and measured.  Understanding specific behaviors that advance or detract from our values helps everyone come to a clear understanding of what behaviors to exhibit.  The Values Team leads all of us in understanding and living out our values and behaviors.

Each day a wide range of staff come together for a common purpose: to make a difference in Philadelphia and beyond. How we approach our work speaks to our connection to each other and engagement outside our space.


PHS Values

We maximize our impact by prioritizing our most effective activities, seeking new knowledge internally and externally, sharing our knowledge broadly, and embracing opportunities to innovate and evolve

We welcome everyone inspired by our work to join the team as an employee, member, volunteer, or supporter and are committed to building a diverse, inclusive PHS.

We treat all employees, members, volunteers, supporters, and other stakeholders respectfully and create a people-centered environment that responds to the needs of all members.

We manage our transportation, supplies, office space, and other resources with a focus on maximizing environmental sustainability and minimizing negative impacts on other team members.

We ensure PHS’s long-term sustainability by carefully stewarding financial resources and seeking opportunities to reduce costs and generate revenue while maintaining the highest quality and impact.

We focus on building capacity in our teams, volunteers, and communities by developing new capabilities and using collaborative decision-making.

We live by our commitment to beautifying the earth by encouraging each other to use sustainable business practices in our everyday lives. We believe that our daily habits are just as important as our community projects in building a difference in our communities, which is why we challenge each other to limit our use of paper, plastic, and cardboard, and to compost and recycle our waste.  


The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society firmly believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion as the means to empower all employees, stakeholders, and partners in achieving our mission to connect people with horticulture and create beautiful, healthy, sustainable communities.  

To act on that belief, PHS has adopted a Code of Ethics that includes the following commitments:

“PHS recognizes the personal value of every employee by pledging that every employee will be treated with dignity and respect and will be judged on the basis of his or her qualifications to perform the position, without discrimination based on age, disability, genetic information, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, or sexual or gender orientation. 

“PHS’s workforce wants and deserves a work environment that supports honesty, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility and that permits the opportunity to achieve excellence in the workplace.  Accordingly, each member of the workforce must adhere to the PHS Values and contribute to the creation and maintenance of such an environment so as to foster a work environment that is free from the fear of retribution and that will bring out the best in all members of the workforce. Supervisors must be careful in words and conduct to avoid placing, or seeming to place, pressure on subordinates that could cause them to deviate from acceptable ethical behavior.”


PHS is also proud to offer gender-neutral restrooms, as well as lactation rooms for nursing mothers. Our headquarters, the Philadelphia Flower Show, Pop Up Gardens, and all of our urban design projects are ADA accessible to accommodate users and guests of all abilities.

Grow with Us!

We are continually looking to expand our talent pool by hiring employees for a variety of roles. We encourage you to apply for a role where you can see yourself growing and blooming. If you have special skills to bring to the table, and value autonomy in your work, you may be exactly what we are looking for!

The PHS team is made up of a wide variety of roles.
Some examples include:
- Shows and Events
- Volunteer Management
- Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media
- Development
- Finance and Accounting
- Information Technology
- Human Resource Management
- Diversity Training
- Community Engagement
- and many more!

The PHS lobby and entrance into our workspace