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Shop with PHS online, at the Flower Show, or at Meadowbrook Farm in Abington, PA.

PHS members enjoy a subscription to Green Scene magazine, also available on the iPad.

The support of members, volunteers, and donors. allows PHS to grow and flourish

Do you require further information? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The support of members, volunteers, and donors allows PHS to grow and flourish.

Your contributions make PHS programs possible and help us to create greener and healthier communities for all to enjoy. Please use the links below to find the method of supporting PHS that best suits you. Thank you.

Ways to Give


We invite you to join the thousands of people who support the PHS mission through membership. The benefits are far-reaching for you and the community, and growing all the time. As a PHS member you’ll enjoy 12 months of exciting programs and opportunities to explore your gardening and horticultural interest. You’ll also receive tickets to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, publications, discounts, invitations, and more.
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PHS Fund

Contributions to The PHS Fund help PHS to grow and expand the signature greening programs that make our communities healthier, more sustainable, and more beautiful. The PHS Fund provides unrestricted funds for core initiatives such as PHS Tree Tenders®, Plant One Million, and PHS City Harvest.
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Planned Giving 

A planned or deferred gift is one that is arranged during one's lifetime, but the benefit to PHS is deferred to a future date. Bequests, gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and gifts of life insurance are ways to support PHS through planned giving.
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PHS offers select organizations an extraordinary opportunity to reach its audience and empower its work through sponsorship.
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We invite you to be involved with PHS year-round. Your contribution of time and talent will support the PHS mission and you’ll have a great time, too! PHS works with thousands of gardening enthusiasts who share a love of plants and people.
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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society