Civic Landscapes

Over the next 15 years, PHS will focus on the next generation of Philadelphia’s signature spaces, reinventing the seven marquee landscapes that make up the PHS Civic Landscapes Initiative. 

In collaboration with partners across the city, PHS will continue to reimagine locations that span and define Philadelphia. From the most traveled corridors, to the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods, this initiative is guided by the principle that such public spaces should be enjoyed by everyone, and be sustainable, imaginative and accessible to all. 

Over the next 15 years, PHS will work to transform seven key areas. Working with partner neighborhood-based organizations, we will create imaginative, sustainable, and memorable public art spaces that place Philadelphia at the forefront of great civic landscape design.

The guiding principles for this project include creating spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone and redefine what people---tourists and residents alike---expect from urban landscapes.

In order to be successful, PHS must mobilize community support and incorporate the input of all involved parties.

The seven key areas selected are places that clearly define the city but whose potential has yet to be realized. The locations are:

North Broad Street
Central Broad Street
South Broad Street
Vine Street
Northeast Corridor
West Girard Avenue
Philadelphia International Airport

Over the past year the Civic Landscapes Initiative has been working in collaboration with neighborhood-based organizations through its Neighborhood Placemaker Grant program. After PHS received more than 150 proposals, three neighborhood groups were awarded $25,000 grants to transform spaces within their communities.

Click here to view press release: PHS Awards ‘Neighborhood Placemaker Grants’