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Inside the Fall Issue

Just as the print edition of the 2016 Fall issue went to press, we learned that Mary Seton Corby, friend of PHS and founder of Greensgrow Farms, had died. She was an “inspiration to many and a leader who made our city a healthier, greener, more wonderful place,” said Matt Rader, PHS president.  There’s ample evidence of Corboy’s impact in Moria Sheridan’s wonderful feature on Greensgrow here, accompanied by fantastic photography from GROW’s own Rob Cardillo.

In our Discover section Adam Levine shares a list of must-visit New Jersey public gardens. Sari Harrar visits with a neighborhood Tree Tenders group restoring the tree canopy in their own community. In KNOW, we talk about revitalizing vacant land and tip our cap to Bob Grossmann, who will be retiring this fall as the senior director of the PHS Philadelphia LandCare program. And in LEARN, new to PHS as the director of giving, Nicole Juday speaks with PHS garden educator Sally McCabe about how to add weeks to your growing season with a salvaged window.

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