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Public Landscapes Design & Management

PHS creates, restores, and manages high-profile public landscapes in downtown Philadelphia in partnership with city agencies and other nonprofit organizations. PHS landscape architects and designers offer expertise in landscape design and construction and sustainable management. PHS uses organic practices to maintain plantings and build soil health at sites such as the Azalea Garden in Fairmount Park.

PHS has also improved the appearance of major gateways into Philadelphia, such as the 26th Street corridor leading from the Philadelphia International Airport and Columbus Boulevard, and beautifies targeted neighborhoods with street-side planters and street trees. PHS works in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to improve neighborhood parks throughout the city, offering design expertise for new projects, gardening education, master planning, and landscape restoration. In addition, PHS works with the Philadelphia Water Department to design and implement horticulture-based solutions for stormwater management.

In May 2013, PHS unveiled its new plant to collaborate with partners to transform seven key areas. Working together, the organizations will create imaginative, sustainable and memorable public spaces that place Philadelphia at the forefront of great civic landscape design. Click here to discover Civic Landscapes of the 21st Century.

To request information about PHS fee-based landscape design and management services, please contact the person listed below.




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PHS Garden Tenders The only program of its kind in the Philadelphia region, PHS Garden Tenders is a training course for community groups, organizations, and individuals interested in starting community garden in Philadelphia. Mar 19, 2014 6:00 PM
Class: Land and Water Co-sposored by PHS and the Wagner Free Institute of Science, this six-session course will provide a survey of the changing wetlands and waterways of Philadelphia and how they have interacted with the flora, fauna, and human land use of the region. Mar 31, 2014 6:30 PM
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