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City Harvest
The PHS City Harvest program taps the skills and energy of urban gardeners to make fresh, nutritious produce more widely available to neighbors in need.

PHS City Harvest

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Through City Harvest, PHS and its partners have empowered urban gardeners to share the fruits of their labor with families in need. The program is creating an infrastructure of agricultural supply and education centers, as well as expanding fresh food production, distribution, and consumption in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, thereby creating a healthier future for thousands of city residents. City Harvest also has offered more than 850 inmates opportunities to gain job skills, give back to their communities, and look forward to promising futures. Click here to support this important initiative.



Arthur “Butch” Blazer, USDA Undersecretary for Natural Resources and the Environment, toured the PHS Green Resource Center greenhouse at Bartram's Gardens with PHS staff members Lisa Mosca and Adam Hill. He was in town to visit innovative partnerships around environmental stewardship. He toured the elements of the Green Resource Center which include a solar hot water-heated greenhouse, a crop field, an orchard, a community garden, education center and a plant distribution space that serves more than 100 City Harvest gardeners with plants and growing supplies.

How City Harvest Works

PHS City Harvest is powered by partnership. With training from PHS staff, inmates of the Philadelphia Prison System grow seedlings at a prison greenhouse, and thousands more seedlings are started at neighborhood-based greenhouses run by nonprofit partners. The inmates receive training in gardening and basic landscaping along with valuable life-skills lessons. 250,000 seedlings are then transplanted and grown in 140 urban farms and gardens throughout the city, as well as in the prison’s onsite garden.

With facilitation from SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange, a food distribution network), the resulting produce is donated to food cupboards.

PHS City Harvest gardeners grow and donate more than 55,000 pounds of produce each year, helping to feed over 1,200 families per week during the growing season, including residents of neighborhoods with some of the highest rates of poverty and food insecurity in the region.

PHS City Harvest

  • Provides support to local growers who offer organically grown produce in high-need neighborhoods
  • Offers nutrition education for recipients of donated food
  • Creates and maintains “green resource centers,” a network of neighborhood-based greenhouses that support and empower small-scale, entrepreneurial food growers
  • Includes Roots to Re-Entry, an innovative green jobs and reintegration component for prison inmates

The work of City Harvest is made possible through the generous support of:

The Bennett Family Foundation
The Burpee Foundation
The Independence Foundation
Green Mountain Energy
The Forrest C. & Frances Lattner Foundation
Local Initiatives Fund of RSF Social Finance
The Christopher Ludwick Foundation
The McLean Contributionship
Merck Family Fund
The Philadelphia Prison System Board of Trustees
The Lawrence Saunders Fund
United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture

and The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation, founding funder of City Harvest

According to the US Department of Agriculture, millions of people in America live in “food deserts,” areas that lack easy access to affordable fresh food. Click here to learn more.