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Gardening and Greening Contest

PHS is excited to announce a new and improved contest for gardeners called PHS Gardening and Greening Contest, which will celebrate and reward the accomplishments of gardeners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Building and expanding upon the PHS City Gardens Contest and Community Greening Awards, the new contest invites backyard gardeners, community gardeners, and anyone passionate about greening our public spaces to enter. Winners will be selected in each category and invited to a special awards ceremony. Don’t miss your chance to be recognized as a champion gardener. Enter today!


Individual gardeners may enter in-ground gardens or gardens grown exclusively in containers. Community gardeners may enter vegetable and flower gardens, parks, garden blocks, and public-space plantings.  Also eligible are businesses that have beautified their establishments and municipalities that have initiated environmental projects such as stormwater management or tree plantings.


Volunteer judges are chosen for their expertise and accomplishments in gardening. Garden entries are judged on maintenance and horticultural practices, as well as the variety, color, and suitability of plantings. Design and total visual effect are also considered, with extra points awarded for creativity and sustainable practices.

Award Winners

Click here for a list of all PHS Gardening and Greening Contest winners.

Awards Reception

Gardeners whose projects are chosen for recognition will be invited to an awards reception, where photographs of the winning gardens will be showcased.

Garden Categories

Flower Garden: Any size garden containing mostly flowers and/or trees and shrubs. This includes community flower gardens cared for by three or more people.

Vegetable Garden: Any size garden with mostly vegetables, cared for by an individual, or a community vegetable garden cared for by three or more people.

Children’s Garden: A home garden, a plot within a community garden, or a garden on school grounds that is maintained primarily by school-age children, usually under adult supervision.

Garden Block or Main Street Planters: A block where a majority of the residents display window boxes and street planters containing shrubs and/or flowers.

Urban Farm: An entrepreneurial garden that grows and sells fruit, vegetables, and flowers and donates a percentage of the produce to a food cupboard.

Rooftop Garden: Any garden located on the rooftop of a home, commercial building, or garden shed.

Container Garden: A garden, patio, porch, or front stoop that primarily features plants in containers.

Public Space Plantings: Gardens located in public spaces such as parks, libraries, churches, hospital grounds, train stations, traffic islands, businesses, memorial gardens, etc.

Environmental Initiatives: Plantings that municipalities have initiated to replace the tree canopy, to mitigate stormwater runoff, or to pursue other ecological projects.

Entry Information

To enter your garden or greening project in the PHS Gardening and Greening Contest, please choose one of the following options:

To complete the online entry form, click here.

To download and print our entry form, click here.

Mail completed forms to:

PHS Gardening and Greening Contest
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
100 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1495

Entry Rules:

1. Contest deadline is June 30.
2. Gardens must be maintained by home gardeners for individual entries or multiple (three or more) neighborhood gardeners for community gardens.
3. Individual plots within a community garden are not eligible, unless planted and maintained by youth up to age 18.
4. For individual participants, only one entry per address.
5. Participants who volunteer to serve as judges are not permitted to judge other gardens in the same category as their own garden.
6. Individual gardens owned or maintained by PHS employees are not eligible.
7. PHS works to accommodate participants’ schedules during the judging period. If the garden is not accessible from the street, participants must be present in the garden or make arrangements to have someone present for judging.
8. Decisions of the judges are final.
9. Winners will be notified by mail.
10. Names of winners and garden photos may be used on the website and in PHS  publications.  Home addresses will not be published.
11. Winners will be recognized at an awards reception.

For more information, contact us at:

e: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
p: 215.988.8897